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Interpersonal communication is the face to face exchange of information and feelings by people either verbally or non-verbally. Effective and positive communication in any organization is vital for it to function as expected. It is not just about what is said, but also how it is said along with the non-verbal gestures and body language. This paper will point out to how diversity and gender may be an impediment to proper communication in an organization.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Diversity is crucial to the productivity of any organization. It can be a breeding ground for opinions or views that bring about misunderstandings in the work place. Diversity in culture can sometimes be an impediment to communication. A message delivered along a path of some employees might reach its destination with a totally different message from the one it was intended to communicate. According to DeVito (2004), the capability to interact with people from a different culture in a language they can understand is vital to an organization. Age can also contribute to loss of communication; for instance, an employee who is young might not be taken seriously, an aged person might also be taken as effective in carrying out his/her duties due to old age. Similarly, differences in sexuality can also limit communication. DeVito (2004) asserts that colleagues might be homophobic; as a result, they may not be comfortable around people who are gay or lesbian. In addition, dissimilarity in gender can also impair effective communication in the work place. Unfortunately, it may lead to accusations of sexual harrasment between collegues. Interpersonal communication process has to be worked on in all departments under organization (DeVito, 2004). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]
Culture and Communication

Culture is the traditions, customs and characteristics of a certain community that symbolize where they come from. Communication is at the center of how culture is conveyed globally. Communication across these different cultures can be a challenge (Goman, 2008). International organizations realize that culture and communication is important. This is due to the rise of diversity among international organizations. Goman asserts that how people relate to history and what is to come varies among cultures (2008).  In communication, whatever one culture considers acceptable might be offensive to another. Realistically, no culture is better than the other, they just differ in characteristics. Goman (2008) asserts that in the current international organizations, there is no specific method that can be termed as the best in communication. The only favourable outcome to culture and communication is to respect and appreciate the diversity (Goman, 2008).

In conclusion, for organizations to function well and be productive under diverse cultures; there has to be an element of respect and understanding among collegues from other backgrounds. This can be attained when people appreciate each other. This paper has looked at various ways on how diversity and culture can be a barrier to effective communication in organizations.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


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