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Reading and self-assessment summary explains the learning objectives and by enabling a tutor to set what they may want their learners to acquire and how to get it. The summary reveals that teaching is a process with three outcomes that helps gauge a student’s understanding. The first outcome would be determined by the learner’s ability to restate a claim derived from a course. Second is a student’s ability to generate feelings from the learning process and the final outcome is putting the learning tools into use. For instance, learner’s ability to use a calculator to find square roots in mathematics is a psychomotor outcome objective. A student’s ability to put what he or she has learned defines the value achieved in the learning process. This is even better when a student can do this in different topics in the community while at the same time giving instructors the ability to determines a student’s understanding of a course. 

As a teacher, the summary is an essential guide and plan to ensure that my teaching and assessment objectives align with the outcomes that would impact the learner. The three areas to be considered in my approach will include cognitive, affective, and psychomotor outcome objectives to offer a gauging ground for both my work and that of students. For instance, to test the value of what I teach, a student should be in a position to practically apply some skills such as changing TV colors. Also, practical simulation of parliamentary procedures is an outcome of my cognitive understanding of my effort in class. The usage of learning tools like microscope reflects a students’ effort in the application of psychomotor outcome while their influence to master the steps taught in conducting would fall under cognitive outcome. Thus, the summary can assist both the teacher and the learner in conducting their assignments in class and learning centers.

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