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Question One

            “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you might get what you need” is a quote in The Rolling Stones’ famous song, You Can’t Always Get What You Want. While this essay writer quote may sound a cliché to many, most of us do not understand its meaning. We use it when we feel the universe is working against us, and all we want is hope that everything will be fine. As humans, it is our nature to wish for good things that will excite our lives. For example, we want to buy nice cars and houses, have beautiful sons and daughters, or travel to our dream destinations. Sometimes we do not get the things we desire so much even when we hard for them. For instance, one may wish to have an expensive Ferrari, but his earnings limit him to a cheaper car. You must note that he has worked extra hard for his earnings to be enough fr the purchase. In this case, this individual is more likely to despair that life is unfair.

            Notably, the quote “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you might get what you need” helps us understand some things are beyond our control. The universe makes our needs a priority as we can survive without achieving our wants. Needs are the necessary things that enable us to survive, while wants are mostly comforts and luxuries. Consider the above example. The cheap car is a need because the individual will need it to move easily, whereas the Ferrari is a want because the person feels he will be satisfied by driving luxuriously. Therefore, the quote comforts us when we do not get our desires because the universe saw it fit to reward us with the needs that will help us live comfortably.

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Question Two

            The best experiment to determine whether students have learned enough of something is class presentation. This approach entails allowing students to become teachers to their fellow students. It involves giving the students the topic to present in class as if it were a lecture to assess how much they have mastered a topic. The tutor gives the students time to prepare for the topic, which has already been in class. The students listen engagingly by asking questions and providing additional information. Importantly, the tutor should prepare a rubric he will use to gauge the students’ mastery of ideas during the presentation. Below is an example of a rubric table that would be useful in this experiment.

Did the student present accurate information?  
Which parts did the student find difficult to explain?  

            As shown above, a rubric helps the instructor discover specific details about the entire presentation. The specification allows him to understand which areas the students have completely mastered and which require him to reteach.

Significantly, class presentations are the best because they are more of just mere experiments. Apart from being an assessment approach, they are a platform through which the instructor interacts with the students to know if they genuinely understood a topic. The instructor can ask questions to test the student during the presentation, enabling him to assess even better. Moreover, the presenter engages with other students, asking questions or adding more information. Such interaction provides room for learning new things making a session more productive. The danger of preferring sitting examinations to presentations is that the instructor may not learn a student’s weakness. Most students cram information to fill their examinations, while others steal. Presentations limit these issue as the student is limited to presenting how he interprets or understand a topic.

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