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Discussion 11 Responses

Discussion 11 Responses

Mathew Chance:

The presentation of your hypothesis is clearly done and this is important in drawing insight on what statistical analysis would be required. By presenting the essay writer assessment techniques, the reader can have an idea on what kind of result is needed. While you mentioned the core framework of your statistical analysis, I would suggest you determine what specific tools you’d use: will you focus more on descriptive statistics or inferential? If descriptive, are you going to look at the measures of central tendency to give you the results of the General Self-Efficacy Scale, Beck Depression Inventory, and the other assessment techniques presented? If inferential, then the hypothesis would guide you better on what statistical analyses would work best. Characterizing what tool to use is essential because it would guide you in writing and presenting the results, especially in gaining insight on what needs to be done, particularly in rejecting the null hypothesis or failing to reject the null hypothesis.

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            Inferential statistics is indeed a useful strategy in assessing whether the representative sample can have results that can be generalized for the whole. The presentation of inferential statistics is critical because of how it can explore the results to be able to provide generalizations that can hold meaning to the body of knowledge. Criminal behavior cannot be assessed in totality, so the use of inferential statistics will support the measure in doing so. It is also interesting that you mentioned causal analysis so that relational perceptions can be done. While you admit that 100% certainty cannot be attained, this is an important declaration so that your results would be realistically presented. What is essential is to further analyze what needs to be done to characterize the results in such a way that would support the findings required and illustrate the dynamics of how criminal behavior develops based on the analysis presented.

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