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COMM 1101: Individual Pre-assessment Written Assignment

COMM 1101: Individual Pre-assessment Written Assignment

I was once involved in a team that was tasked to do a project in our company. The essay writer problem was that the leader of our team was an authoritarian and he did not want to hear any ideas or suggestions coming from the members of the team. He believed that since he was the leader, he already knew everything that must be done. He simply gave us instructions in terms of what we must do, and he did not entertain any of our questions or concerns. Thus, when the team members noticed that there were many things being done improperly within the project, we could not tell these issues to the leader because he distanced himself from us. What went wrong in the communication at work was that the leader was not willing to listen to the feedbacks and ideas coming from the team members which should not have happened.

            Jealousy causes negative workplace communication (DeVito, Clark, and Shimoni, 2016, p. 187). This is because when the people in the workplace are busy trying to pull each other down instead of helping each other, there is nothing positive that will come out of this and the whole organization will suffer. Bullying causes negative workplace communication because bullies in the workplace only say harsh and painful words against their victims (DeVito, Clark, and Shimoni, 2016, p. 187). The employees who are the targets of these bullies become traumatized and unable to focus on their responsibilities which could eventually make them quit. Thus, it becomes impossible to achieve teamwork and camaraderie in a workplace where there are bullies. Finally, relationship violence causes negative workplace communication (DeVito, Clark, and Shimoni, 2016, p. 187). This is because when the people in the workplace are already fighting for whatever reason, this only means that they are only cursing and barking at each other which is very counterproductive. Nobody would ever want to work in a company where relationship violence exists.

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            The concept that will be important when I share my own experience and respond to other people’s stories is interdependency (DeVito, Clark, and Shimoni, 2016, p. 188). What this means is that the action of somebody will have an impact on another person. I had a terrible experience with a team leader who was an authoritarian and never trusted the team members. Instead of inspiring the team members to be united, the leader was the one who stopped the communication process and prevented us from sharing our ideas or feedbacks. Thus, the project became a failure since there was never any effective communication that happened within the team. I hope that I could see the benefits of interdependency when I respond to other people’s stories because I failed to experience this in my past work experience. It is always a beautiful thing to see the leaders and employees in the company communicating with each other to achieve their goals.


DeVito, J., Clark, D., and Shimoni, R. (2016). Messages: Building Interpersonal Communication Skills. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

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