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Where I am Now

I am a second-year BBA student majoring in marketing and management. I worked for two years in the marketing department of one of the largest transportation companies in Saudi Arabia. My brother and I also own a transportation company in my home, where we commute thousands of pilgrims each year from the airport in Jeddah to the holy mosque in Mecca. We have operated that business since 2007. However, I left Saudi Arabia so I could make an attempt at the tourism business in Canada. I expect to graduate from this program in 2016, so I have two years remaining before I can make my entry.

I am currently attempting to accumulate the skills necessary for me to be a successful business owner in British Columbia. While I am from Nova Scotia, I’d like to move o B.C. to start up my business. I believe there is a lot of potential in tourism in B.C., and there is some room for additional entrepreneurs to gain entry into this growing market. “… the emerging trends in technology, the opportunities of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver and Whistler, and the successful completion of negotiations for Approved Destination Status with China have all brought exciting opportunities to the British Columbia tourism industry” (The Value, 2012).

However, before I am able to make a dent in the industry, I need to accumulate the skills in school that will equip me to gain entry into the B.C. tourism market. I believe it will be best if I complete various courses related to the tourism business prior to graduating. Once I have graduated, I would like to secure a position as an Accommodation Service Manage/Rooms Division Manager. This will help me to gain a better grasp of the tourism market in B.C., and help me establish some of the skills that will ensure my long-term success in the tourism business there. While I may know a lot about tourism in Saudi Arabia, it is important for me to not assume many components are the same. I have a lot to learn in the next two years, and I believe this will ensure my future success.

Right now, I am doing whatever I can to stay up-to-speed with current events in B.C. The various trends that are going on in the province will dictate whether there is a significant need for increasing the amount of tourism-related businesses that are operating in the province. For example, a considerable number of people visit Vancouver, B.C. I find the news that is coming out of that city to be interesting, because it can provide me with some insight as to whether people want to move there. The 2010 Winter Olympics has played a major role in tourism at the city. Also, the municipality was voted as the third most-livable city in the world last year, (Vancouver, 2013).

Where I plan to be Two Years After Graduation

Two years after graduating, I plan on living in Vancouver. I have visited this city in the past, and I have seen the type of beauty it possess. With the fact that the city is gaining such a good reputation over recent years, it makes sense that I would move there to be in the tourism business. While living there, I plan to work as an Accommodation Service Manager/Rooms Division Manager at a major hotel. Because I want to live in downtown Vancouver, I would like this hotel to be one of the fancier locations, such as the Westin Bayshore Hotel, or the Sutton Place Hotel. I remember visiting these locations when I was in Vancouver, and they were among the nicest hotels when I was there. The Bayshore Hotel is along the Coal Harbour, which is a beautiful part of Vancouver because of the amazing mountains along the North Shore, and because of the ocean.

I can picture myself living in Vancouver for a long period of time. While I do enjoy living in Nova Scotia, I feel that not only is there more opportunity in Vancouver to be successful in the tourism business, but there is also many more things to do there that I am interested in. For example, several options for skiing are available, and these hills are only a 20-minute drive from downtown Vancouver (Vancouver, 2011). Also, Whistler/Blackcomb is only 1.5 hours away, and these hills will provide me with ample opportunity to do some skiing. I also look to explore areas such as the Vancouver Art Gallery and Stanley Park, which has a large seawall, beaches and lakes (Vancouver, 2011). “More than 1,000 acres of forested area close to the downtown core, Stanley Park’s main attraction is the sea wall – a paved path that stretches 13.7 miles from the Vancouver Convention Centre, through Stanley Park and ends at Kitsilano Beach Park” (Vancouver, 2011).

The city offers a slew of activities in which I can participate, and these tie in closely with my career goals. By exploring the many activities that Vancouver and B.C. has to offer, I am better able to perform my task as the Accommodations Service Manager/Rooms Division Manager. I will be able to help my guests plan their activities accordingly, if the opportunity presents itself. In two years, I will be enjoying many of these attractions in the big city, and this will help me be effective in my position as the Accommodation Service Manager/Rooms Division Manager at one of the major hotels in downtown Vancouver.

Job, Location and Responsibilities

This job will take me a bit out of my comfort zone because it is on the opposite side of Canada from where I live now. However, I have already moved to Canada from Saudi Arabia, so I think I am able to quickly adjust to the change. In fact, I am the type of person who embraces change, and I will thrive in the responsibilities of my new job and location in Vancouver. The Accommodation Service Manager/Rooms Division Manager is responsible for planning, directing, organizing, evaluating, and controlling the various operations of the accommodations establishment, (Accommodation, 2013). In my case, this location will be an upscale hotel located in downtown Vancouver. However, the job could also be located at motels, bed and breakfasts, and resorts, for example, (Accommodation, 2013). My job would be to ensure there is a smooth operation of the business, and I will have to work with little direction.

In this position, it is important that I evaluate the various policies and procedures that the hotel is operating under. It is also important that I prepare budgets, and this is where my experience running my shuttle company in Saudi Arabia will come in handy. In fact, many of the same skills that I developed there will be useful in this new position. As one of the major skills that I already possess, the pricing and development of promotional strategies is an area where I am savvy. I recognize there are differences in the ways operations are carried out in Canada, but I feel that marketing psychology is relatively the same no matter where a person advertises. People are always looking for value, and if the hotel I am working at can give it to them, then they will likely be new guests.

The position also requires me to negotiate with clients for them to use facilities for conventions, receptions, banquets, and various other functions. However, only some hotels offer this. Out of the two examples given earlier – the Bayshore Hotel and the Sutton Place Hotel – only the Bayshore Hotel has a conference centre, (The Westin, 2013). I will also need to meet the guests’ needs for their meals and overnight stays. This is where my knowledge of the area will really come in handy.  I also need to supervise and recruit staff. Determining training needs and developing work schedules are also vital components of my job. Also, when customers complain, it will be up to me to ensure that they are receiving the attention they need. I will also reply to the inquiries and solve problems as they arise. Also, many of the administrative tasks are to be completed by me, as are the responsibilities to maintain the facility, supplies and equipment, (Accommodation, 2013).

In order to be hired for this position, there are several areas in relation to knowledge, skills and abilities that I need to have. Experience in tourism is a vital component, and it is a skill that I have a considerable amount of background in from my time in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, I need strong business management skills, sales and marketing skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, communication skills, leadership ability, first-aid training, human resources management, administration skills, and a diploma or degree in hospitality, business, hotel management or marketing, (Accommodation, 2013). Two years after graduation, I will possess all of these components. The only area I am concerned about is my communication skills, because English is a second language to me. However, I feel more and more confident each day with my language skills, and this is an area that I know will be perfect two years after graduation.

Expected Salary

I know that the salary will not be much at first, but this position is only a stepping stone for greater things in my future. According to Go2, which is an online information platform for the B.C. government, the salary ranges between $36,000 and $59,160 per year, (Accommodation, 2013). I believe that I will be in the lower end of that range because I will be only starting the job two years after graduation. I will likely need to start from the lower level position in the hotel and work my way to the top. However, I do not believe that I will only be earning $36,000. I believe that the fact I will be working my way up from within one of the top hotel locations in one of the most-sought-after spots in the world will help me to secure more money – perhaps in the high $30,000-range. Furthermore, my extensive experience in the industry will be a huge advantage to the company I eventually work for, and this can give me a solid bargaining position when I am negotiating the position. According to Go2, the wage that I would be earning does depend on the region in which I am employed. Due to the fact that Vancouver is the most expensive cities in North American to live (Vancouver Most, 2013), I think the pay will be higher there. Furthermore, I will likely be making a decent amount in gratuities, incentives and bonuses.

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