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Campaign to Increase Altruistic Behavior: Blood Donation Drive

Campaign to Increase Altruistic Behavior: Blood Donation Drive

According to evolutionary theorists, altruism is an “emotionally rewarding” behavior and is considered a universal phenomenon (American Psychological Association, 2015). The essay writer same theorists are saying that kin selection and expectations of later reciprocity are not a strong basis for altruistic behavior because most people who help beggars know that they may not see these people again, yet they still do help. However, in Canada, with only 7% of the eligible population donating blood, there is an obvious need to increase altruism. Thus, what is needed is a detailed plan that will address four aspects of altruism via four methods. The first step of the behavior modification plan involves observational learning through educators and physicians who initiate a blood donation drive in front of their students and in public. The second step would be utilizing the social responsibility norm through the use of pamphlet and brochure-making in classrooms initiated by the teacher and actually carried out by students as a project. A third step would be the reciprocity norm as shown in blood banks, medical institutions and hospitals that give a multi-functional blood card and certificate to anyone who donates blood. Finally, there is the use of emotions like fear and guilt that will be employed in social media and TV advertisements featuring diseases of Canadians that badly need blood transfusion

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Observational learning is learning a new behavior by observing the activity of someone else. Huitt (2004) states that observational learning, as what psychologist Albert Bandura formulated, begins with an individual noticing something around him, remembering it, and imitating it while waiting for the response from the environment whether to continue it or not. In the case of the behavioral change campaign directed towards increasing blood donation in Canada, it is best that an organization of teachers should initiate the blood donation first and let their students see them doing it. At the same time, they may encourage their students to do the same. It must be easier to convince another to do something if he himself can see someone doing it in a large group, especially symbols of authority like teachers. It must be more comfortable to hear someone say, “Let us donate blood together if you want,” than “You should donate blood while I sit here and watch.” Organizations of physicians can do the same blood donation drive as they spread the word around among their subordinates.


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