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In 1995, Mount Cedar Technologies (MCT) was founded by two college friends, John Curtis and Frank Mathew. Initially, MCT imported and distributed computer accessories, but the company would grow to include IT – specifically in hardware and software programs – until in 2006 it employed 170 people. With ever changing technology, the company now faces several problems. These challenges are hindering growth.

The firm aims to be an IT leader. Upper management feels it is important to reorganize the company’s environment, structure and culture. The company aims to have a shift that will make the company progressive and innovative. The company hopes these same solutions can be crafted to also provide solutions to customers.

Employees are going to have to trust the company in order to alter the current culture. Employees need to be a part of the strategic plan. The quality and quantity of work needs to be monitored. This will allow the company to monitor progress as it relates to goals, rather than just monetary gain. The company needs to create more social activities to increase the office moral. There also needs to be better employee assimilation into the company, because the current protocol isn’t inviting. [Are you asking the question “Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Diversity is important because it is an opportunity to embrace positive experiences of those with different backgrounds. At MCT there wasn’t much advancement for women and minorities. MCT considered whether having more incentives for women and minorities would improve moral and reduce turnover.

Decision making at MCT was very decentralized, which created a loss of potential gains. Also, managers and employees said they didn’t feel equitably treated. Jobs were too task-oriented and there wasn’t enough training for women and minorities. Management wanted new products and more vendors to create more customers.

Managers have been making decisions in the best interest of their department, and not for the company as a whole. This is thought to be because managers weren’t communicating well enough and didn’t know enough about the company. New forms of communication should be explored in order to have better transmittance of information.

Some managers thrive on decision-making, but others crumble. Managers need to see the steps in order to thrive, rather than crumble. The quality of the manager’s education can provide them with information they can fall back on. The manager might also need to make decisions on the spot. The manager should each time return to their goals to determine their decision’s effects on the goals. Safeguards should be built to protect the company if a decision fails. The decision maker often needs to carry out the action by themselves, but they may have the option to assign someone, or a group of people, to its task. The tasks to achieving the decision’s outcome should be implemented and monitored to ensure milestones are being met.

Decisions can also be made in groups, which often includes workshops. Employees should be engaged and be a part of the idea process. Rather than having a professional instruct them, everyone should be treated as equals and this will give them the opportunity to speak. This is a time where many barriers can be broken down among employees.

MCT is experiencing a lack of leadership that has resulted in underperformance, high turnover and low morale. The problem is rooted in the decentralization of decision making. Managers became too busy with customer issues, rather than spending time on management. Management is too busy to speak with employees about the company and its goals. The CEO was accused by management as being disruptive, because he would show up unexpectedly and ask them difficult questions. While he may want to be involved closely with the company, it is often viewed as micromanaging. He should trust lower management’s ability to perform.

Employees reported wanting parties, but management didn’t seem interested in the employees. This causes the workers to view their employment as just a job. Interaction with employees should extend to promoting the company’s goals. This will build moral, teamwork, participation and fairness. An employee of the month award could be handed out to recognize the efforts of employees and, thus, build moral. Turnover is a major issue at the company and this needs to be addressed. A new pay structure may need to be considered. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Management needs to analyze each division manager’s performance to find out if the job can be changed or eliminated. The managers could be delegated to training the employees, because there is no employee training program at the company. This is part of the overall dissatisfaction that has plagued the company since it became busy. More focus needs to be put on employees, rather than management having their sights on purely the financial bottom line, which neglects the workers.

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