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The need to reinforce the quality of healthcare interventions has resulted in increased use of the simulation in healthcare processes. More doctors and physicians are willing to engage the phenomenon in the provision of health remedies to the patients. Biomedical simulation involves the use of a technique that amplifies guided experience to reflect objects in the real world. Biomedical simulation is conducted in an interactive manner that engages both the applying party and the recipient of the function.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The article The future vision of simulation in healthcare alludes to the immensity of biomedical simulation in the 21st century. It assesses the various applications of simulation in the healthcare system. Likewise, it further assesses the 11 dimensions which comprise the categories of the applications of simulation in healthcare. Gaba (2004) states that simulation has the potential to improve the health of the patient. Biomedical Simulations encourage convergence around a similar vision, which in turn enhances the efficiency of the efforts extended by medical personnel.

The 11 dimensions of biomedical simulations addressed in the article include the purpose of the simulation, the participation unit within the simulation, the experience levels of the involved participants, the health care domain where the biomedical simulation takes place, and healthcare discipline of the individuals who participate in the simulation (Gaba, 2004). Other dimensions include the type of knowledge, skill, and attitudes addressed in the simulation, the age of the patient being simulated, the required technology in the simulation, the simulation participation’s site, the degree of participation, and lastly, the feedback methods that accompany the simulation. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Conclusively, the biomedical simulation will provide me with the chance offer higher quality in the healthcare interventions extended to patients in my nursing career. I will also successfully determine the success of the interventions I extend to patients through these interactions. The biomedical simulation in this article addresses the health care setting while the majority of the biomedical simulations addressed by the other students involve the industrial simulation. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Gaba, D. M. (2004). The future vision of simulation in healthcare. Quality Safe Healthcare, 13(1), i2-i10.

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