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Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is a day of much importance to the United States of America.  This is because this is the day that all the citizens of the world’s most powerful nation will have the opportunity to freely exercise their democratic right of voting in their leaders of choice. It is on this day that these people will have to choose the person who is to be their head of state for a period of four years, and so good decisions have to be made. In the minds of most citizens, they need a great leader who is to address most of their problems by coming up with new ways of doing things or improving those already in existence. Some of the basic questions in the citizen’s’ mind would include basic things such as, would the candidate and their government provide; long-term care, fund for senior programs, champion Medicare for low-income projects, champion social security and their plans for senior hunger. Advocacy involves an activity carried out by a person or group of people that is aimed towards influencing decisions within institutions; it might be in social, economic or political systems. Election advocacy would thus involve those activities that are aimed at influencing people’s stand towards a given candidate, coalition or even government. This paper, thus, explores election advocacy for the upcoming US 2016 presidential elections.

For my case I chose to advocate for Hillary Clinton as one of the presidential candidate in these elections. This decision has been informed by various reasons as discussed herein. Hillary Clinton is an American politician and a presidential candidate under the Democratic Party. She has also served as the United States Secretary of State, junior senator for New York and as the first lady during her husband’s reign. I advocate for her presidency due to the following reasons.

Claim Number One
To start with, Hillary Clinton has championed a number of beneficial initiatives. During her time as the secretary of state she put her focus on strategies that were aimed towards improving medical facilities, reducing the spread of HIV/AID and of most importantly to lower infant and maternal death rates, through some state agencies such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (Burris, 2014). Other initiatives include Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and Global Health Initiative (GHI).  She was involved in fighting for equal pay, women’s rights and a fight on domestic violence.

Through these initiatives Hillary Clinton made access to quality health care by women and children her priority, not only in the United States but in other countries across the globe. Through the Global Health Initiative, which was introduced in 2010, she has helped partner countries in improving provision of infant and maternal health care, improved medical facilities (in terms of cleanliness and facilities) and reduced the spread of HIV/AIDS. Research shows that the Global Health Initiative has helped underdeveloped countries in creating comprehensive plans for; lowering infant and maternal mortality rates, cleaner health facilities and lowering transmission and spread of HIV (The US Government, 2014).

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which is among the United States agencies, mandated with the administration of civilian foreign aid, also showed an improvement in its functioning during her tenure as the secretary of state. Under her leadership, through USAID, more support was given to midwives; cell phones were also offered to improve the spread of information. USAID was also involved in forming alliances in order to improve donor donations. It also partnered with countries such as Norway in supporting innovative interventions that were aimed at improving healthcare for women and newborns.

Being a fighter for women’s rights, Hillary Clinton introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act in 2005 and 2007 while being the senator for New York. She argued on the fact that pay discrimination had led to women getting paid less as compared to men for same jobs. She also went a step further by bypassing the congress and working directly with young women who were new or entering the workforce to fight for pay equity. Hilary also worked on Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 and had it signed by the president in January the same year (Burris, 2014).
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Hillary Clinton has had the opportunity to work in the government of the United States for a couple of times during which she did so many good things makes American citizens to have a strong urge to vote for her presidency. As the secretary to the state, 2009-2013, she was in charge of American States Agencies. She came up with better ideas that were fundamental in achieving the agencies’ set goals. Infant and maternal health care was greatly improved, not only within the United States of America, but also in other partner member countries. She was on the forefront fighting for pay equity. This happened during her tenure as the senator of New York from 2001-2009. If she could achieve all that yet she was not the president, what will happen when elected? Then we expect America to move from where it is to levels unimaginable. This is because she is a leader who loves development and innovations, not only for America, but also for the entire world.

Claim Number Two
Hillary Clinton’s stand and views on vital issues in the United States lines up well with the majority of other people’s views, mine inclusive. Her support on gun control, the opinion that criminal justice in the United States is broken, her support towards American workers, her support for marriage, her rejection of religious freedom in justifying ill motives of cutting health care access, her support for women’s rights and equality, clears projects her as the better placed candidate to take America to the next levels of governance. Besides, she is also pretty aware that there is economic inequality and she is focused towards fixing it among many other things.

Hillary Clinton has the dream of restoring the American Dream; a set of ideals which includes freedom and opportunity for success and prosperity. She is keen and has observed the inequalities in the United States economy and she is out to fix them. She notes that some communities have more chances and ladders for opportunity as compared to other communities, which makes the American Dream unreachable to some segments of the American population. Basing on the Harvard research project which was conducted by Raj Chetty in 2013, she pointed out clear differences between some communities, for instance Seattle and Atlanta. These differences could be attributed to income inequalities, which she is out to address (BNR Contributor, 2015).

From 2014 onwards, ownership of guns by members of the society has increased and the murder rate dropped by approximately 19%. However, this is not convincing enough based on the recent catastrophic incidences that happened in the United States, for instance when a gunman killed twenty first-grade pupils and six teachers in Newtown, Connecticut. Thus, there is need for the National Rifle Association to curb this rise in gun ownership through the amendment of the current law on gun control. Hillary Clinton fully supports the move to make changes in gun control to reduce the ownership of guns. This will consequently prevent reoccurrence of such incidents (On the Issues, 2016). [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The United States has about twenty-five percent of its population in prisons. Many of those incarcerated being nonviolent offenders. There exists also discrimination in passing sentences with African Americans receiving longer prison terms as compared to their white counterparts under the same kinds of mistakes. Hillary Clinton is strictly against this.  She understands the pain family members of those incarcerated feel. She is against racial segregation in the criminal justice system. She wants reforms that will bring law enforcement and communities towards coming up with better guidelines and developmental strategies. This can only be realized if she is voted in as the president.

The United States of America is known for its many labor unions. These labor unions were started with the main aim of uplifting the United States middle class. However, of recent years, the American workforce has been experiencing a lot of problems. Hillary has ready solutions for this. She is prepared to invest in good paying jobs during her first days in office by investing in infrastructure, manufacturing and other sectors of the economy. She also plans to prevent countries which break global trade rules for instance China. Last but not least, she has an agenda of increasing the minimum wage rates. Besides, she strongly emphasis overtime rules among many other plans (BNR Contributor, 2015).

Hillary Clinton’s stance on some of the above issues proves she is the best and what America really needs. Her belief in restoring the American Dream could see most of the US citizens actualize their dreams and visions. She believes in the rights of women, equality in pay, rights of workers and their trade unions; basically what a nation needs to develop. A strong and willing protected workforce is what America needs to fulfill its basic bargain. A nation with an unfair criminal justice system would be an equivalent of a nation that still has some of its citizens in slavery. Hillary wishes to address this problem; she wishes that the people of the United States receive equal treatment by bodies charged with justice. When all the citizens of a nation are treated equally, it is easier for them to achieve their dreams, set goals and development structures. Hillary Clinton is, thus, a leader who loves fairness. She wishes fairness to prevail in the criminal justice, economic sector and labor force.

Hillary has been an advocate of many rights and issues in the United States for a long time, since 2001. However she is a politician and politicians are known for trying all ways possible to win the hearts of their voters. She promises very many things, which other candidates had previously promised, either in the United States or some other places in the world, but never fulfilled them once in office. She also has achieved many things during different times she was in office. She had advocated and still is advocating for the rights of women. This, however, can be seen as a mere trick or plan to get the ticket of most women to white house. This could be evidenced by the following (Hawkins, 2016).

In 1975, while she was a lawyer, she defended the man who had raped a little girl till the rapist received a light sentence, only to laugh with a reporter later about the case (LaCapria, 2016). While serving as the state secretary, the State Department was also involved in many scandals as evidenced by her recent email scandal. This can be attributed to the fact that the State Department was involved in favoring those nations that gave large donations towards the Clinton Foundation. Clinton had also spent all of her time advocating for gun control but on getting into office as secretary of state she had to support Obama’s stand on gun control, yet now she is seen fighting again and accusing the National Rifles Association (On the Issues, 2016). It, thus, sends out questions on whether Clinton will deliver while in office or are this just promises or ways of reaching white house. It is, thus, the sole discretion of of voters to decide during voting time that their leader will be. Promises and what the candidate has done in the past play a key role in the voter’s choices. This however could be misleading based on the fact that we are human and people change.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Election time is nearing, only some few days left. Each voter has the ability to ensure good governance by electing the leader best suited for the job. Each candidate has aired out his or her views and their manifestos have been given to the public in detail. Some segments of the public have some history of these candidates if not all. Some see a given voter as the best, other don’t see what other people see in them. The bottom line is that the decision is theirs; they could elect the candidate they believe is the best.

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