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A conversation that I identified in the past that led to a misunderstanding is one where I was conversing with a female colleague known as Kate a few months ago. It was in response to the timeline under which a given activity was supposed to be completed. She asked me how much time there was left to accomplish a given task. In response, I suggested that the task should be completed in a jiffy. For many English speakers, the word jiffy is a normal word that is used on many occasions in our daily activities. However, Kate speaks English as a second language having moved to the United States to study a few years ago. The specific word that led to a misunderstanding is the word jiffy. The intended meaning was that she was to complete the task within the shortest time possible. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The message could have been received differently since she took a long time to finish the task. When I asked her why she took long, she suggested that she thought jiffy meant that she could take as much time as she wanted. After the conversation and the subsequent misunderstanding, I considered the changes I would have made in the communication so as to make it clearer. I should have used simple words that can hardly be misunderstood. Using easy words and avoiding jargon ensures that the message is clear and easily understood by the recipient. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.] Effective communication can be enhanced by ensuring that the receiver of the message fully understands the proposed meaning of the statements that are made (Worth, 2012). In the future, I plan to use easily comprehensible words so as to reduce confusion among my colleagues and friends. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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