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What should have Harry have done?
Harry should have started by enquiring from Tom Blair on whether Luther had approved the request. It is important that the hierarchy in the organizational setting is followed. Thus, Harry should have ascertained as to whether it was Luther that had referred Tom. After ascertaining that the initiative was undertaken without the knowledge of the immediate supervisor, Harry should have referred Tom back to Luther. Likewise, Harry should have consulted Luther before affirming Tom’s leave. He should have solicited the views of Luther on the matter and relegated the departmental decision-making processes to the departmental head. Since Luther was the departmental head, he was solely responsible for the decisions made within his department. Harry’s actions jeopardized his authority in the department. Harry should have made it clear to Tom that any information that originates from the department was to be passed on by none other than the departmental head Luther. He should have indicated that since the Luther was around and active, he should have been consulted instead which would pre-empt confusion in decision making.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Who was at fault? Harry or Tom?
Both Harry and Tom were at fault. Tom knew that his immediate boss was responsible for the decisions that involved the department’s staff. He manipulated Luther’s boss into signing his approval. Instead of heading to Harry, Tom should have indicated why he felt he needed the holiday to Luther. It was then that Luther would decide on whether to consult the higher authority. Tom should not have employed his personal relationships with Harry as a tool to override the decisions of Luther. In turn, Harry was at fault. On receiving the request, he should have immediately notified the department head, Luther. In this way, Luther would have cleared the air on why he cannot allow Tom to take a vacation leave. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

What if Luther confronted Harry and he brushed it off?
Luther should immediately confront Harry. He should indicate politely the reasons as to why Harry’s actions are undermining his authority in the department. In case Harry brushes this off by saying that he was only helping, then Luther should approach Harry’s superior with the problem. He should indicate to the superior why it is that he feels his authority is being undermined. He should also institute a meeting in his department which will address the hierarchical system and the need to respect this form of authority. Luther should reinforce why he needs to be the one to make decisions on behalf of the department. He should further encourage the employees in the department to forward their challenges. Likewise, he should advocate for a collective strategy of mitigating the challenges. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Effective Management Structures in Small Business Organizations
An effective management structure provides for a significant component of an organizational structure. Most small companies grow but the inability to establish a succinct management structure greatly curtails their progress. This is because an effective management structure is a vital part of the productive activities. Essentially, a management structure determines the flow of authority in the organization. It addresses the role of every party and the duties one is supposed to limit themselves to. This serves to pre-empt instances of confusion and overlapping which result when the management structure is ineffective. The absence of an effective management structure results in confusion, usurping and insubordination. For instance, Tom’s case comprises an act of insubordination. He deliberately overlooks the authority of his immediate superior. This was disrespectful. Still, an ineffective management structure results in poor decision making. Many times, in a business scenario, which is made up of an ineffective management structure, the involved members do not consult each other. Every individual acts in his accordance. This leads to poor decision making in the organization(Gold, Malhotra, & Segars, 2001). Successful organizations encourage a collective decision-making process. This enhances the openness of the decisions made. It further allows for the review of each and every decision. This makes the decisions made in such a management system highly effective.
To avoid an ineffective management structure in the organizational system, every staff member should be informed and educated on the subject organization’s management structure. In this way, each one of the individuals will be aware of their roles in the institution (Gold, Malhotra, & Segars, 2001). It will further prevail on the mode of communication that the staff members accord each other within the organization. Likewise, it is necessary to introduce disciplinary measures which will be meted out against any individual who breaches the management structure’s dynamics. Therefore, should an individual decide to overlook their superior in the hierarchical system, they should be subjected to a disciplinary action such as dismissal or fine. This will discourage the occurrences of deliberate insubordination such as was the case with Tom. Lastly, there is a need for the creation of open forums through which employees can consult each other and forward the challenges in their departments. This enhances the relations between the staff and the managerial bodies of the subject institutions.


Gold, A., Malhotra, A., & Segars, A. H. (2001). Knowledge Management: An OrganizationalCapabilities Perspective. Journal of Management Information Systems, 18(1), 185-214.

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