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Adolescent Psych: Part-Time Work

Adolescent Psych: Part-Time Work

Is it acceptable for a teenager to take a part-time job while still in school? The question comes with a lot of controversies as people differ in opinions but better believe it because it’s the new normal. As people grow up or go through a growth transition demands arise and they look for an alternative way to fulfill their wants by taking odd jobs or engaging in any paying work. Jobs taken are usually simple and don’t need a lot of training, to begin with.

Part-time work from school-going children may not be common all over the world, but carry benefits as it makes the teenagers responsible, learn how to manage money, understand how the business world works and how to get and keep a job. It makes the teenager be useful and stay out of trouble, building connections for their future career, and learning and improving their skills. A part-time job may have a lot of positive impacts on young adults but also negative effects as it may affect the school performance to drop drastically.

A lot of experience comes with part-time work as it enables one to become a team player, possess the art of critical thinking and make wise career decisions. Part-time jobs play a big role in boosting the confidence of the teenager and help them celebrate their achievement and to be proud of their accomplishments making them be hard workers and determined with what they want to achieve in the future and opening a good career path for them to know what they would want to be in the future.

In the conclusion, part-time jobs are paving way for future responsible, hardworking and determined adults.

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