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Response to the Article: “The Psychology of Voting”
There are several psychological theories that explain why Americans vote and choose their preferred candidates. According to some individuals, voting is seen as an act of altruism, while others view as an act of egocentrism. Voters usually exercise their democratic rights based on their individual behaviour whereby they vote for people who are similar to them and are expected to support their interests. According to Jon (N.d), voting is generally seen as an expression of how people reflect themselves. Thus, it is important to discuss these various voting patterns and what they mean to the voter, as explored by Jon (N.d).

The American People prefer candidates who can fight corruption, abortion, and ban illegal firearms. In some instances, they may support a candidate whose party has supported and run the nation successfully in the past, or even endorsing the candidate who is good in solving national issues. The kind of decision that American people face every election period is somehow hard, since most of the voters have their own individual choices on their preferred candidates. And it is rare to find the kind of leader who has all the required qualities, so the people should make sure that they have a criterion on how to vote for their right candidate (Jon, N.d).  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

It is somehow hard to vote for the candidate who has the same vision with the voters since voter are required to understand and know what the government would do concerning the policy issues, as well as knowing what the candidate want the regime to do. So it is better for the voters to understand more about the country, before they decide on which candidate they are voting for. Some will find it hard to use the above theory, so they may end up voting using guardianship democracy; where the voters choose the candidate who is seen as more intellectual and knowledgeable and capable to solve the country’s issues, which seems easy in some elections and at the same time difficult in others. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

According to the psychological researchers, as put forth by Jon (N.d), for over 50 years, the first impression that can lure more votes, especially for the new party, is the advert on TV. However, it is worth noting that American voters have used the theory on which they choose their preferred candidate based on the political party that he/she is vying from. In most instances, this decision is due to the fact that the party shares his or her favourites on the minority policy matters, or other policies, that he or she is more concerned about. Sometimes it is hard for the voter to decide; since they see both candidates as having the same qualities (Jon, N.d). In this scenario, it has been noted that voters usually vote for the name that appears first in the ballot box. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Jon, A, K.  (N.d). The Psychology of Voting. Ohio: Ohio State University

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