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A research design is defined as a plan that attempts to find answers to the research questions defined by the researcher, or to test formulated hypotheses. As such, research designs exist in various types with each type determined by the type of research question that is asked. For this discussion, the article ‘Prevalence of Diabetes among Men and Women in China’ has been selected for the consideration of several classifications of group research designs.

Classification of the Research Design
This study employs a quasi-experimental research design. This means that there are two different groups that are compared; women and men in China, in an attempt to establish the prevalence of diabetes among the two groups (Yang, Lu, Weng, Jia, Ji, Xiao, & Zhu, 2010). The researchers conducted the study due to the concern that changes in lifestyle in China could result in diabetes becoming epidemic among the adults.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The researchers also report various limitations of the study. First, they claim that they oversampled women and urban residents, and that men gave lower response as compared to women (Yang, Lu, Weng, Jia, Ji, Xiao, & Zhu, 2010). Second, they failed to assess dietary and work-related physical activity during the study. This contributes to the concern that I have regarding the internal validity and ability of the study to draw conclusions about the causality.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Failure to assess the dietary and work-related physical activity meant that the researchers could not determine the relationship between these factors and the prevalence of diabetes in the sample populations (Yang, Lu, Weng, Jia, Ji, Xiao, & Zhu, 2010). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]However, there is no concern about the external validity of the study since the sample population was obtained from various areas. This means that the data collected reflected the general trends on the prevalence of diabetes among the adults in China.


Yang, W., Lu, J., Weng, J., Jia, W., Ji, L., Xiao, J., … & Zhu, D. (2010). Prevalence of diabetesamong men and women in China. New England Journal of Medicine362(12), 1090-1101.

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