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1.) Creativity
A lot of people who know me may not realize this, but I enjoy coming up with new concepts and ideas for fun. It can be as simple as a story idea for a movie or television show or something as complex as a new business. Whatever the idea may be, I derive a lot of joy and satisfaction simply from the process of creation. While a lot of my thoughts are pure nonsense and were made just to pass the time, some of them are stored on notepad accounts on my computer. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.

Whether it is a story or business idea, if I think the concept is good I write it down for later use. Some people may not consider this to be much of an accomplishment; I say that the literal hundreds of pages of content I have written down over the years says otherwise. Some of these concepts have made their way into the projects I make for school and the creative writing exercises I sometimes have to submit.

For me, the fact that people can read the fruits of my imagination and hopefully enjoy it is one of the greatest joys that I can imagine. While I cannot say that this signature strength has left a significant impact on my life, it has made it more interesting and worth living.

2.) Perseverance
Some people say that my one defining trait is that I am incredibly hard headed and stubborn, that once I set my mind to something I do not let go of that idea or concept that easily. I do admit that I can have a form of “tunnel vision” when it comes to pursuing a particular goal, but this is a positive trait since it shows that I do not give up easily. Whether it is an activity in school or something that occurs in my personal life, I pursue it wholeheartedly until either I accomplish it or I burn myself out. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

I have experienced situations where I have pursued a goal so much that I do not even realize how tired I am until my body gives out and I have no choice but to lie there. However, through this level of perseverance, I have been able to pass tests that people say I should have failed or accomplished tasks that people thought someone like me could not accomplish. This trait has become a defining aspect of who I am as a person since it shows that, no matter how difficult the challenge, I will pursue it regardless of the amount of effort needed.

3.) Curiosity
There is an old saying that says that “curiosity killed the cat,” I say that curiosity is the very spice of life itself. Curiosity has been the cornerstone of how I have lived my life and the basis behind many of my choices. I chose the course I am currently in due to curiosity; I opted to go to particular schools based on my curiosity, and it is likely that my future career choices will also be due to my curiosity.

Throughout my life, my goals and aspirations have been due to my insatiable need to learn more, experience new things and delve into events that I would never have encountered if I had chosen the “safe” path. Through this mindset, I have been able to enter into competitions and events that people would say I had no chance of winning, but I did. I have seen more than a simple computer screen and delved into the very essence of what it is like to truly live. For me, the impact of this trait on my life is immeasurable; it would be the same as trying to place value on breathing.

4.) Gratitude
I believe that people, all too often, fail to express proper appreciation for what they have been given. I have seen people lament about not getting the latest iPhone when there are others who are starving. There are those who complain about the amount of school work they have despite the fact there are millions who will never have the same type of education. It is due to what I have seen that I express gratitude each and every single day by doing what I can to live the life that others would desperately want to have. I read as much as I can, appreciate everything that I eat and own and do my best to ensure that my life is one that is not squandered. This attitude has impacted my life through my belief that nothing should be wasted and that every opportunity should be pursued.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

5.) Self-regulation
We all need to control ourselves, whether it is our desires, actions, behaviors or beliefs. In one form or another, we need to exercise self-control since, without it, we can wind up in situations that could lead to our undoing. Self-regulation for me takes the form of controlling how much I eat, how much fun I have in a day and the amount of work that I do. Whether it is work or play, everything should be in moderation. Through this attitude, I have been able to create proficient study habits and establish an appropriate method of time management for all my activities. The impact of this signature strength on my life has been immense since it has enabled me to accomplish a lot of different activities and goals within a short amount of time.

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