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Whenever initiating a business venture, the main dream and aspiration of an entrepreneur is to create a thriving entity that brings significant revenue. Other than that, individuals also have their personal and organizational visions and objectives, which they aim to achieve after a given time. Achieving most of these goals and purposes requires businesses to expand their operations. These entities usually have to expand their activities by adopting a large-scale change in the process. In such cases, the operations are no longer done on a small scale. In consequence, Whitewash Enterprises, a company focused on producing detergents and soaps, plans to expand its operations from the current state to cover a greater market and make bigger revenues. Consequently, this discussion explores a new vision statement and other critical issues that are essential for Whitewash’s move.

Initiating Change in the Company
It is important to note that large-scale changes are only satisfied when aligned with the goals of a change effort. Before explaining some of the changes to be initiated and adopted successfully in the organization, there is a need to identify a few vital pointers. For instance, five principles are important as they help support cultural changes during large-scale transformational changes. These include making the changes at three levels (team, individual, and organization), connecting personal beliefs to the results of the company, and making disciplined implementation of the cultural changes (Heckelman, Unger, & Garofano, 2013). Besides the three, the changes should be initiated using the approach “leader-led learning” and finally using technology to leverage communication and reporting, consequently reinforcing the cultural changes. This form of learning involves running regular training sessions on teams and individuals selected by the manager. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Large-scale organizational changes are usually made in four processes: pattern breaking, visioning, experimenting, and bonding and attunement. It thus explains why Barczak, Smith, and Wilemon (1987) describe large-scale changes as a modular concept that restructures organizations using different subsystems. Barczak et al. (1987) further discuss that a change in the corporate vision, in this case, demonstrates the efforts of adapting to the changes. This process cannot work on its own unless a plan is created that ensures that scaling up and transitions involved flow as smoothly as possible. Most of the professionals in business identify several tasks in the creation of a plan. These include creating a vision, assessing the scalability of the business, filling the information gap necessary, and creating scaling up plan as well (Akgün, Keskin, Byrne, & Ilhan, 2014). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Scaling up entails expansion, replication, or collaboration depending on the level of control the original company maintains. As Cooley and Kohl (2006) note, expansion normally involves increasing the scope of operation of the organization that developed it. Whitewash Enterprises will use the expansion method, which will encompass restructuring the company to meet specific demands of clients in different areas. However, growth will be the primary source of scaling, in this case, involving the opening up of new branches in prospective locations to increase sales (Cooley & Kohl, 2006). Thus, the company’s vision will be expanded to target a larger market share not only within the area but also within the region. In this case, instead of targeting households, it will also incorporate corporates as well since they also demand cleaning services. However, this might involve liaising or making a contractual agreement with cleaning companies to supply them with the necessary materials at a better rate. As such, the company will end up serving a larger market in the process since it will still be serving the households, as well as the corporate. Consequently, the revenues of the firm will be expected to rise in the process. In order to avoid some of the issues associated with employee adoption of change, it might be important to involve them in the change process as well. These changes could be shared throughout the firm using technology such as emails combined with traditional communication techniques like one-on-one communication between management and the company’s stakeholders. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

In sum, the management of change within the context of an organization is usually a complicated task that should be worked out at all its functional levels. However, these changes typically need to be made at three levels involving the team, individual, and organization, which will ensure that all the stakeholders are participating in the change process. This discussion has identified pointers necessary for the change process, the changes in vision, and the requirement in the course of scaling up.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


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