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International Procurement Outsourcing Mode

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Purchasing and supply can be considered as a service activity, whereby the interactions involved in the procurement process act as the services where the roles of purchase and supply cooperate for the final result. A recent procurement experience I had necessitated the consideration of various aspects bordering on the identification of influences on buying choices and the concepts of acquisition costs. As a concept, the process of weighing these elements within the experience involved the recognition of need, classification of the necessity of purchase, and the eventual procedure in purchasing. The value I obtained from completing this process was tied to the fundamental obligation that resulted in initiating the process, but only after the interaction with market conditions, price considerations, make or buy comparisons, and the strategic purchase I eventually executed.

My purchase cycle was defined within the scope of my need for required syllabus materials. The need was initially driven by requirements of the course, which defined the aspects as a requirement of completing the course – such materials were necessary. Within this setting, the purchase cycle concept applies to the comparison of the need expressed versus the environmental context where the purchase is to be made (Baily, Farmer, Crocker, Jessop & Jones, 2015). In this regard, the activity of purchasing developed from the independent function of the activities involved in the usage of the items. Thus, for the procurement process to fully satisfy the need expressed by the scope, there was a need for the purchase to be defined as an integrated need. As such, my interests in purchasing were fashioned towards satisfying requirements and completing the curriculum. These influences, therefore, triggered the establishment of the interest in making a purchase. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Purchasing and supply, in this scenario, were interacting in the exchange of a product value to serve a specified need. In this way, the value of the learning materials exchanged within the procurement process resulted in a service activity to the ultimate consumer (Hesping & Schiele, 2015). Similarly, as a function of the purchase, I was able to cover the total acquisition cost (as the total expense of buying and obtaining these books). The role of procurement and supply, in this setting, was therefore captured as a service to me (the procurer) which was independent of the integrated transactions in the entire purchase and delivery option (Baily, et al., 2015). Inasmuch as my experience captures mutual benefits (for the supplier and me) due to the transactions involved, the value gained were still similar to strategic purchasing.

The ideology is captured in the aspect that as the procurer, I was able to gain more value for the materials as compared to their initial valuation by the supplier. By purchasing these items in optimal time (while prices were low due to demand and while the textbook would offer maximum value to my course), I was able to strategically procure these textbooks. The models I encountered in this approach to purchasing included timely consideration of procurement costs, purchase at optimal product value, and lowest price index (Hesping & Schiele, 2015). In the overall experience of obtaining course materials, I was able to interact with a number of influences (both consciously and subconsciously). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

As such, it became possible for the procurement process to use integrated functions in the interacting between the procurer and the supplier, and in this way, shift from being an independent function. Similarly, my experience was captured as a development of my understanding of the dynamics involved in decision-making, procurement on a small scale, and the applicability of theoretical concepts on a practical level. Each of the interactions included in my scenario can thus be defined within the concepts involved in the procurement experience.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


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