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People have been known to like different sports, and this requires constant review of current formats to make leagues much more interesting. With the NHL Eastern Conference, major changes have been made to include a 31 team in the league. This article offers the best and lowest odds for the teams in the Eastern Conference and the likely winners of the league. In addition, the reasons behind the likely victory of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Tampa Bay Lightning teams are provided to tell why they could lift the league trophy.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.

The NHL Eastern Conference Management has this season decided to increase the number of teams. The conference has caused a great deal of excitement in the announcement that the 2017-18 league will have a 31st expansion team. Even though this increase in teams is likely to make the league much more fun, it makes it necessary that the current ways be reformatted. It would make little sense for the same set of fixtures to be used in determining the best the league has decided to break down the season into 16 Eastern Conference teams, and now it has also included 15 Western Conference teams.
According to William Hill, the NHL Eastern Conference odds stand at +400 being the lowest for Pittsburgh Penguins and +5000 for the Carolina Hurricanes. The betting lines for the Eastern Conference teams include AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The odds for the Eastern Conference teams vary widely, and this shows why this league is considered exciting given the reformatting that has been done. This reformatting will involve the Eastern Conference teams playing the entire divisional opponents for a total number of four times. This restructure means that these teams will get to play two home games and another two away games. This will bring the total to 28 matches. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Analysts make different predictions on the likely winners of the NHL Eastern Conference. The Pittsburgh Penguins are on the offensive and have a great goaltender. They managed to beat the Washington Capitals, who are the season’s regular champions. The Tampa Bay Lightning team has had ample rest after beating the New York Islanders. This shows how tight the games are likely to follow. However, most odds tend to favor the Tampa Bay Lightning Team and the Pittsburgh Penguins. It is quite unclear which team is likely to come out as the Eastern Champions, but these two are rated as the most likely victors for the league. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The results of the ongoing games are likely to determine the possibility of predicting the league’s final teams. People looking to bet should understand the odds at stake and the reasons why the suggested teams become an ideal choice. The Defending Big D news article also shares the same prediction that the best teams to place bets upon are the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Tampa Bay Lightning team. The provided reasons include the choice of strategy and the team’s’ current stamina and field ability.

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