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12 Angry Men is a film produced in 1957 directed by Sidney Lumet that has the storyline of 12 men in the jury that intended to decide a defendant’s conviction, 18 years old. The defendant makes the jury doubt their decisions and morality. The defendant is accused of stabbing the father to death and has to use all the resources to alter the jury’s decision. The movie is enjoyable since the audience hears the actors speaking, allowing one to relate with the character of the actors through their voices (Miles, 2021). Through different sounds, the jury informs a person of their character and stand. For example, through the tempo, the tone, and the grammar they use, one can tell of their stand and reasoning. 

The choice of words of the jury is vital as it reflects on how they say them and the effect it will have on the film and the audience. For example, juror 9 speaks with different tones in different situations, such as when he is talking to another juror, juror 9 is calm and soft. Still, when he raises his voice, it shows the authority he wants to have and the importance of listening to his point (Miles, 2021). The sound is also crucial since it helps understand the jury since jurors want to finish the case and others want to solve the case and offer justice. Therefore, the different characters are expressed through the use of sounds. 

The actors in 12 Angry Men unveil different personalities. The 12 jurors’ performance drives the film that comprises the most actors. Every character has their character traits that help deliver the personalities that allow the audience to understand the character traits (Miles, 2021). The characters of the film develop flow in their traits through different events that develop a flow to the audience and help pass the intended community values. Every character develops understanding in the film. For example, juror number 8, Henry Fonda, shows reasoning logically and talent through the argument and relates with the words (13Youtoo, 2019). 

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