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Psychology Posts

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Society’s responsibility regarding schizophrenic individuals especially in view of the many nationwide public occurrences is to make sure that everybody shows maturity when dealing with these people. It is time to put an end to people acting like they are still ignorant of what schizophrenia is and what the schizophrenic individuals go through. Gone are the days when people will still make fun of schizophrenic individuals just because they behave abnormally. Instead, it is time for the people to show their impressive awareness of what schizophrenia is all about because doing this will enable them to help those schizophrenic individuals by showing that they care. When the schizophrenic individuals realize that there are people truly concerned for them, this will give them the confidence and motivation to work hard and do whatever they can to get better. Just because these people have schizophrenia does not mean that it is already the end of the world for them. They still have a bright future ahead of them if the society will show love for them.

A solution to this mental health issue that I think is viable is to continue engaging in efforts to spread awareness in society regarding schizophrenia. The best strategy that can be used is to take advantage of the social media channels which are prevalent today. Most people already have their own social media accounts nowadays, so it will be a great strategy if people all over the world will become more knowledgeable about schizophrenia through social media. It has become so easy to make social media pages that will discuss about schizophrenia extensively and what schizophrenic individuals go through every day. If the experts in schizophrenia will come together and contribute towards providing accurate information regarding this mental health issue, this is going to be great because people will not have any valid excuse anymore to be clueless about schizophrenia and alienate schizophrenic individuals.  

Posting # 2

I think society has a right to prevent a person from committing suicide. People must find a way to help those who are suicidal and make them understand that killing themselves is not the solution to their problems. Instead, being alive is the best solution because this will enable them to still have a fighting chance to overcome their problems. Society must remind the suicidal people that suicide is a cowardly act because this is the easiest thing that can be done to run away from the problems. The truth is that everybody is going to die at some point, so it is unreasonable for people to even think about suicide when they are supposed to be enjoying every second that they are still alive.

Suicide can never be acceptable regardless of how difficult the situation of a person might be. Suicide is merely an excuse of people who do not have the mental toughness to deal with their problems. This explains why it is just so easy for them to lose hope and give up without even thinking of how precious life is. There are people who never even get a chance to be born into this world because they were aborted by their mothers during pregnancy. There are sick people who are unable to enjoy their lives to the fullest, and yet they are there at the hospital trying to desperately hang on. Thus, people should feel grateful and blessed that they are alive each day because not everybody can say the same thing. Instead of thinking about suicide whenever people are dealing with serious problems, they should just focus on what they must do to overcome these problems because there will always be solutions to their problems if they will just work hard to find them. The bottom line here is that even if problems are bound to happen, life is supposed to be celebrated and maximized by the people because these problems will only make them stronger. It is all about staying positive even during the toughest moments because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Posting # 3

The impact of substance abuse on mental health is always negative. It becomes impossible for the people who have become addicted to various substances already to think clearly and make the right decisions for themselves because the substances that they are abusing simply overwhelm them. As the addiction gets worse, all these addicts want to do is to continue to feed their addiction while their mental health deteriorates. The body can only tolerate substance abuse up to a certain point. Once the body is unable to deal with the substance abuse anymore, it is going to fall apart. The mental health of the people will be in excellent condition if they will stay away from doing things that will deprive them of having peace of mind and the capability to think clearly. It is all about people being disciplined and committed enough to take care and protect their mental health because nobody is going to do this for them except themselves.

Given the prevalence of substance induced incidences linked to self-harm and violence, substance abuse affects or shapes our society today immensely in the sense that there are so many people who continue to lose their sanity because of their failure to control their addiction to various substances. It is just saddening that there are many people who eventually decide to commit suicide just because the substances that they are abusing prevented them from thinking the right way. It is also unfortunate that there are people who become violent and hurt others in the process just because of substance abuse. It is evident that for as long as substance abuse exists, there will be more people who will be victimized by suicide and violence. This should not be surprising anymore because once people lose their capability to think clearly due to substance abuse, they are bound to make the wrong decisions and fail. The harsh reality is that this failure could also be fatal.

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