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The article ‘Woman’s reappearance: rethinking the archive in contemporary art—feminist perspectives’ by Giovanna Zapperi provides information about how history has marginalized women. The introduction provides information about archived information and how it is interpreted to interpret the history of women in society. The article focuses on three pieces of artwork in order to achieve this process, and these are the works by Zoe Leonard and Cheryl Dunye, Renée Green, and Andrea Geyer that are concerned with feminist rewritings of history (Zapperi 23). The author states that the history of women is usually determined from ‘found footage, textual and visual documents, and sound assembled through montage’ (Zapperi 22).

Analysis of Three Pieces

The analysis of the three pieces of art work will help to reveal forms of repressed history in the manner in which they are presented. The author states that the analysis of the pieces of artwork will help to separate the archival material real history on women by distinguishing its historicity and the imagined potential (Zapperi 25). A majority of archived document have merged a constructive relationship between time and image that enables a favorable factor in the present day to be linked with one of the past. As a result, some of the history written about women might be repressed and does not tell the entirety of the story. There is an analysis of works by Loraux, Pollock and Georges Didi-Huberman in describing how archived material is used to understand history.

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Zapperi, Giovanna. Woman’s reappearance: rethinking the archive in contemporary art—feminist perspectives. Feminist Review, 2013, 105: 21 – 47.

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