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Women in Leadership


The concept of women in leadership stirs up different reactions from people of both genders. Due to advancements in technology and open-mindedness due to exposure, the majority of people are stepping forward to take leadership positions in this digital era. The impending concern is to whether their leadership qualities can tailor towards overall success, especially during this COVID 19 Pandemic. They are questioning whether women can run companies across companies in corporations or handle the critical policy areas. It is essential to assess these claims’ accuracy and provide insight into the severe impact of the COVID 19 crisis on women leadership. 

The three articles confirm that most people perceive women to be better in leadership because they are more sensitive to employees’ needs and involving them in organizational decisions. The first article on women and leadership states that most people see men and women as equal to vital leadership qualities (MENASCE et al.). Still, women tend to prove it better and be more assertive in most political and business areas. Women tend to be more compassionate and empathetic than men, who are more than willing to take risks than thinking about consequences. It also stipulates that among primary reasons for women being underrepresented in the political arena is gender parity, women having to prove themselves, and men having an easier path to claim leadership. 

The remaining two articles concerning women leadership during this COVID 19 Crisis ascertain that women leaders handle the pandemic better (“Knowledge@Wharton”). They are more empathetic and rational to the extent of some leaving the labor force. The two articles acknowledge that women bring in a different vibe through using different managerial styles and collaborating (Chamorro-Premuzic, and Wittenberg-Cox)

In my opinion, COVID 19 Crisis has proven that women are more useful and expert in leadership. It is even making policy changes to boost women’s performance through employee training and acknowledging their inputs in aiding in the workplace.

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