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Women in India and China

Introduction to Anthropology: Gender Roles

Beginning as early as 300BC and 600AD, India and China have had social systems that are similar and distinct in a unique way. In both countries, the status of women has been subject to numerous changes over the years. Their role, positions, and rights have changed with the evolution of the dynasty, while other attributes have remained constant. Hence, this paper compares and contracts women in India and China between 300BC-600AD.

Firstly, women were observed as inferior beings in both countries. Unlike the males, women had to play the roles of a housewife. They were nurtured and educated on how to manage households to become good mothers (Srivastava, 23). Besides, women were not regarded as men equal to wealth and social status. The male gender dictated their entire life. 

Women in India and China

Secondly, the similarity is evident in their political system. During the period, women rarely occupied political positions. For instance, during the Zhou Dynasty in China, females were allowed to perform roles (Loewe, 494-499). On the contrary, the Indian women occupied superior positions on the “Sabhas” where they could be given opportunities to make public decisions. 

However, there are differences in women’s roles in India and China. In India, women were given a fair amount of education by their families, like boys (So, 163-165). Also, women were given the freedom to perform activities and were allowed to remarry. On the contrary, Chinese women were socially segregated and denied liberty to the extent that they had to compete with concubines to gain their husband’s affection. 

To conclude, both countries share common similarities and differences regarding women. Even if they were mistreated in some perspective, they acted as powerful actors in maintaining peace, unity, prosperity, and security. They took care, respected, and valued their husbands. Besides, others participate in leadership roles changing the ideology that they are inferior.

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