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Wilmington, Cali., is an area with tennis courts, open areas, mini-parks, a central park, a swimming pool, gym, recreation facilities, an elementary school and tot lots. The town homes are styled to the middle class and are built in the Spanish Colonial style. This adds to the feel of the whole neighborhood, which features homes that are not built in traditional American styles, but with art at its core.

The per cent of the population eligible to graduate high school and who have is around 93 per cent. About 36 per cent have graduated from a post-secondary institution with a bachelor’s degree or higher. This is a relatively high per cent of people in this area graduating and then completing a bachelor’s degree or higher, and this is an indication of the type of jobs that the residents of this area are employed in. This indicates that many of the professions in which people are employed fall into categories that require a lot of education.

According to the Census stats, of the nearly 5,300 members of the population that are aged 16 or older, about 4,125 are in the labor force, which is around 77 per cent of that age demographic. Only approximately three per cent are unemployed. Around 1,300 people are employed in management, business, science and arts occupations, which equals nearly half of all the people in the area. Those in the services professions consist of 450 people, or nearly 17 per cent of the population. Around 620 people are employed in sales and office occupations, which equals around 22 per cent of the population. There are nearly 140 construction and maintenance workers, counting for five per cent of the population. In the production, transportation and material moving occupations, there are 250 workers, or nine per cent. This data is proof that the neighbourhood reflects a correlation between the level of education people attain and the type of work in which they participate.

There is such a low number of people in the service occupations, even though there are many stores in the area. This indicates that many of the people working at these stores live elsewhere and commute to the area. The fact that there is also such a low number of blue collar workers also speaks to the type of neighborhood this is. While those who work blue collar jobs are often paid well, they don’t often live in affluent neighborhoods, particularly ones such as this that has artistic tones to many of the buildings, which are usually houses or town houses, as there aren’t very many apartment buildings in the area.
To be socially responsible in this community means hiring young people if one is a company owner. There are many people who are in their middle or later ages, and they work in other area, but there are many stores that would be an ideal area for young people to find work. While company owners can’t discriminate on who they hire, they should give equal treatment to those who are young, so that the community hires workers who live in the area.

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