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What Jillian Michaels Got Wrong about Lizzo and Body Positivity

Michael is justified in her comments about Lizzo’s body gain. As a fitness trainer and health campaigner, she has the moral authority to make overall references on body fitness and the health progress of human beings. Irresponsible weight gin and unconcern about body care is an important debate that Michael would not be wrong to vent into. Also, since Lizzo is a public figure whose discussion rose during the interview, Michael in her medical field did not err as she points to various complications such as chronic diseases (Esmonde). Despite her regrets on particularity that targets the musician, I believe her position is called for as she tries to offer her professional aid. Moreover, as a practitioner who is recognized and capable of conducting talks through interviews, her comments are credible even without aiming at Lizzo who is the person of concern. Her worries about diseases such as diabetes reckon with common health challenges that should be shared publicly to create more awareness to the public. 

Esmond sees harm in Michaels’s comments. The author points out that by publicly speculating about Lizzo’s susceptibility to diabetes or other chronic diseases Michael is doing more harm than good. Esmond considers obesity as a choice to some people and that Lizzo’s body could be her choice and by denouncing such size or raising health queries, Michael could be body-shaming Lizzo. Furthermore, raising such sentiments according to the author could amount to interference with freedom of choice on the lifestyle one should lead. Illustratively, fat people could be worried about their bodies and some could not feel happy following the comments since such speculations are considered derogatory (Esmonde). Thus, the author considers the feeling and reactions from other people who could be admiring everything in Lizzo who is their celebrity.


Work Cited

Esmonde, Katelyn. “What celeb trainer Jillian Michaels got wrong about Lizzo and body positivity.” (2020).

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