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Wesleyan Theology

  • Describe your personal experience of God and the understanding of God you derive from Biblical, theological, and historical sources.

  • Wesleyan Theology

From the biblical, theological, and historical sources, I understand that God is a multidimensional but exemplary being. In my experience, God is special in that He has several features within and beyond the human capacity. One of the main features of God is that He is the creator. He is the source of all life (Maddox, 1998). For this reason, He is the one who created the world and all the living creatures within. In this aspect, my personal experience with Him is that He is the one who created me and the one who propagates my life every day. He has been giving me all that I need to survive every day, thereby ensuring the continuity of my life. 

From another aspect, God is the one who appoints and ordains. According to Maddox (1998), God is the one who chooses the person to handle a specific issue and the one who shows the person the specific signs and words on how they should conduct themselves to ensure that they effectively handle the mission. My encounter with God has taught me that He has appointed me for certain roles at specific times of my life. Throughout my life, I have been seeing signs of the missions that I should be accomplishing at specific times and found enablers that have been facilitating my accomplishments. For example, at specific times, He has been giving me the mission to assist others and enabled me to do so with utmost ease by providing me with what I need to offer to the people in need. 

My encounter with God has also taught me that He is positively emotional. According to Heitzenrater (1995), God is loving and forgiving. My actions in the past have not always rhymed with the recommendations of God. A significant percentage of them have been opposing what God has instructed human beings to do in the bible. Under normal circumstances, I would expect God to punish me severely for failure to conduct myself according to His instructions.  However, the opposite has often happened. God has been forgiving and guiding me towards better courses of action. When expecting His wrath, I have often found myself in circumstances that improve my situation. From such experiences, I have concluded that God is forgiving. Better still, the fact that He has been offering better choices for me to use has made me realize that He is a loving God who is willing to offer me a chance to improve despite my iniquities. 

  • What is your understanding of evil as it exists in the world?

I view evil as part of human nature.  The Wesleyan beliefs posit that human beings were born with the ability to choose between right and wrong (Maddox, 1998). They can decide the actions that they should take regarding various matters. However, they are inclined towards doing wrong, owing to the hereditary nature of human beings. Human beings have been inheriting the sinful nature from their predecessors, thereby tending to lose themselves to the sinful nature. From this perspective, it can be concluded that human beings are evil by nature. The sinful nature of human beings is the definition of evil. Evil is, for this reason, can be considered as the part of human beings that seeks to do wrong to others.  For example, some people are willing to commit a crime for their benefit without considering the repercussions that their actions have on other persons. In such cases, evil is the part of them that leads them to do the unruly action and the part of them that minimizes the thought that minimizes the guilt that they should have felt after committing the crime. 

I also understand evil as a phenomenon that exists both in the evident and invisible scenes.  Human beings are the chief perpetrators of evil. Their ability to consciously engage in the actions that they want at any time makes them dangerous beings.  They can choose to do good or evil in the full glare of their counterparts or without the knowledge of their partners. The need to satisfy their needs in the most effective way sometimes makes them choose the most convenient way that seems most appealing to them at the time of their need (Maddox, 1998). In some cases, they serve their interests while being seen by others. Similarly, they also engage in activities that do not necessarily augur well with other people’s interests while not in the sight of the people they wrong. It means that human beings can offend others both when they are being seen and when they are beyond vision. This characteristic can be equated to playing games. At times, players make moves that are recognizable by their opponents, while in pursuit of a win. At other times, they make moves that hurt their opponents without their knowledge. In both situations, the offensive player hurts the other in one way or the other. Similarly, evil can happen both in the glare and absence of the defensive party.

  • What is your understanding of humanity and the human need for divine grace?

In my understanding, humanity is the nature of people that identifies them so. It is what makes humans the special beings they are. Humans are exceptional in that they are specially enabled to differentiate between various phenomena (Langford, 1999). One of the main things that separate human beings from other creations is that they are well adjusted to realize that they are a special creation. More importantly, they know that they have a relationship with a Supreme Being. In this sense, humanity is the nature and ability to realize that there is a source of creation and that people are the most special beings in the whole of creation.

I also understand human beings as the special creation that God the Father made in His image and likeness. The Wesleyan belief about humanity is that God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit made humanity, both male and female, in His image and likeness (Langford, 1999). From this perspective, humanity is the special being that resembles God. Above all other creations, human beings have dominion over all other creations. In this sense, they are the representation of God on earth. There is no other creation that can surpass the rank of human beings. Humanity, in this sense, means superiority. It means the ability to rule over other beings. The source of the authority is God, without whom human beings would be akin to all other beings. 

Human beings need the grace of God to survive and thrive on earth. Despite their divinity, they are under the authority of God and the mercy of the Supreme Being (Whitworth, 2019). In this sense, they cannot survive without the grace of God. In one aspect, the Wesleyan belief is that human beings are only enabled by the prevenient grace. Their decisions are subject to the will of the Supreme Creator. From this perspective, God’s grace is the antecedent of humanity. Without it, human beings would make all the wrong choices and get all the wrong results from their decisions. The existence of God’s grace on earth is a necessary addition to the welfare of human beings. Human beings cannot do without it. 

  • How do you interpret the statement, “Jesus Christ is Lord”?

Jesus Christ is Lord means that He is the Son of God. Teachings about the existence of God explain that He exists in three forms, namely the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. The manifestation of God in the form of the Son is both part of God and human beings. The state of being God is derived from the fact that He is a manifestation of God, while that of being human means that He was born into the world as a person who was capable of all that human beings can be and do. The story of Jesus explains the two statuses (Outler, Albert, & Heitzenrater, 1991). It states that He descended from heaven in the form of a supreme creature, transformed into the form of a person by being born of Virgin Mary, died on the cross as any other person would have done, and resurrected as the aspect of God that He was. The transformations that took place in His life explain Him as both a human being and God. His appearance as a human being and a supernatural creature depict Him as the Son of God since no other person can do what He did. 

The term also means that Jesus is the king of all beings, both alive and dead. It refers to the authoritative nature of Jesus for being in control of everything and everyone. He displayed Himself as king over life when He was born as a human being yet He was God. He was able to minimize Himself to the size of a fetus despite being a heavenly being that has been in existence since the beginning of time. He was also born unnaturally. Being born of a virgin was a factor that showed that He had the authority to command changes in nature. He also lived to perform miracles that were beyond human capacity. He commanded forces of nature, such as wind and storms, which showed that He could take control of nature. The deeds showed that He was king over all nature (Outler, Albert, & Heitzenrater, 1991). He could turn events at will and make the necessary changes without a problem. For example, He could heal the sick at will. The ability to control everything that affects life was a depiction of His authority over life. The death and resurrection of Jesus also showed that He had authority over death. He overcame death, which was impossible for other human beings. This victory, combined with the ability to raise the dead, showed that He was king over death which was an addition to His lordship. 

  • What is your conception of the activity of the Holy Spirit in personal faith, in the community of believers, and in responsible living in the world?


The Holy Spirit offers guidance on how to conduct oneself in matters of personal faith. He is the central source of knowledge. He is the helper who teaches and reminds about what Jesus said when He was in the world. According to the bible, Jesus left the Holy Spirit to guide His followers (Outler, 1980). He is the helper and advocate of all Christians. He replaced Jesus after His ascension. Jesus certified that He would not leave His followers without a Helper, thereby sending the Holy Spirit to help His followers after His time on earth lapsed.  To the community of believers, the Holy Spirit dwells in them. He is the representation of God in them. According to the scriptures, God dwells in the believers. The bible ascertains that the bodies of the believers are the temples of God. They are the holy dwellings of the Holy Spirit since He is the representation of God.

The ability of human beings to live responsibly is also enabled by the Holy Spirit. Before His departure, Jesus explained that He would have to leave His followers. He told them that it was to their advantage that He was leaving them for the Holy Spirit to come to their aid in matters of sin. In His statement, Jesus articulated that the Holy Spirit would be convicting the world of sin after He was gone. His role would be akin to that of an attorney in providing wise counsel and exposing the evidence used for a conviction. These roles mean that the Holy Spirit is the one who guides people towards righteousness and responsible living. 

  • What is your understanding of the Kingdom of God, the resurrection, and eternal life?

The Kingdom of God is a condition of the soul that spreads amongst the believers. As opposed to a political entity, it is not confined to one place or a certain jurisdiction. Instead, it is shared amongst the people of the world, families, communities, and churches. The condition of the heart is the peaceful and blissful condition in which the people who have accepted to live according to the will of Jesus Christ live, both in their states of being alive and when they die. The believers will continue living in the kingdom after their death. 

The resurrection of the dead is the process that will take place during the second coming of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that they will be raised from the dead to join Jesus in the Kingdom of God at the end of time.  The process will take place during a specific day that is only known to God. During the designated day, all people who had been living according to the will and instructions of God will be given new bodies that will be different from the ones that they have been possessing while on earth (Outler, 1980). They will be similar to the one in which Jesus ascended in after His resurrection. The process of resurrection is the one that will enable the believers to have eternal life in the Kingdom of God. Eternal life is the endless condition in which the resurrected persons will thrive after their resurrection. It refers to the life that Jesus Christ promised to offer the persons who believe in Him since they will not perish like the ones who do the opposite. The new state will not be limited by time, age, and other factors that limit the welfare of human beings while on earth. 

  • How do you intend to affirm, teach, and apply Part III of the Discipline (Doctrinal Standards and Our Theological Task) in your work in the ministry to which you have been called?

I intend to affirm the existence of God in triune by confessing that I believe in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that God exists as one but in three forms. My confession is that He was able to do all that He has done in the past because He existed in the three forms. For example, God the Father created the world, God the Son saved humanity from sin, and God, the Holy Spirit, has been living amongst the believers and helping them to live according to the will of the trinity. I intend to always confess that I believe in this existence by stating so in my utterances. 

I also intend to teach the Doctrinal Standards by guiding people on how they should behave to ensure that they do not act in ways that are below the standards.  I will be teaching people how to live harmoniously with each other by educating them on the right ways of living, such as forgiving each other and extending their help to the poor and other people in need. I will also be teaching them how to live according to the will of God by explaining to them the importance of remaining within the teachings of Jesus Christ and dedicating their lives to be part of the story of Christ. I will be applying the Doctrinal Standards by leading by example.  I will be applying whatever I will be teaching others to ensure that I also do not perform below expectations. I am aware of the standards and how I am expected to behave to meet them. I will be applying this knowledge by living in good relationships with others.

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Assignment

  • The United Methodist Church holds that the living core of the Christian faith was revealed in Scripture, illumined by tradition, vivified in personal experience, and confirmed by reason. What is your understanding of this theological position of the Church?

The statement is a representation of the understanding of God. It means that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the sources of information about God. Both parts of the bible assist human beings to know more about God, how He created and operates the world, and how He interacts with the creation (Heitzenrater, 1995). The bible is the sole source of the truth about God from which human beings can learn about Him. It is for this reason that the scriptures are referred to as the living core of the Christian faith. On the other hand, tradition does not provide extra information about God. Contrary to expectations, it provides a method through which human beings can learn and understand God. It is referred to because it is the method that has been used since the ancient church to interpret the truth about God. 

Traditions have to undergo evaluation for it to be certified as the right way of perceiving the word of God. Personal experience equips human beings with the ability to view the scriptures from an informed perspective (Runyon, 1998). It enables them to learn about God from a point of tangible knowledge as they have been seeing things happen in the past. Reason provides human beings with a method of evaluating tradition. It offers the information needed to ensure that the tradition being used is fit enough to assist people to understand the truth about God. For example, it guides learners towards knowing what is expected of them when making efforts to learn more about the truth of God. They should use the right methods only to create a meaningful course of action instead of blindly following the wrong tradition for the simple reason that it has been used for a long time. 

  • Describe the nature of the Church and the mission of the Church. What are its primary tasks today?

The church is a community of believers who form a society that seeks to worship God. It is characterized by men and women who are have repented their sins and invoked God to assist them in guiding others towards the ways of Jesus Christ (Outler, 1980). It is also characterized by differences in some beliefs. Some people follow the Roman Catholic faith while others follow the teachings of the protestant churches. Within these churches are communities of believers that seek to learn and execute the teachings of Jesus as they deem fit. The unifying factor is that they all believe in the ways of Christ. They also seek to fellowship under the belief that Jesus is the Lord. 

The mission of the church is to propagate beliefs about God. Each of the communities that fellowship together seeks to have a situation in which they gain more followers and expand their reach to a larger part of the community in which it is established. Each church seeks to assimilate more people to be part of the beliefs of the particular society. They all seek to indoctrinate larger parts of the human population and guide them towards repentance and commitment to the work of Christ. 

  • Explain the theological role and significance of the sacraments in the ministry to which you have been called. 

The sacrament serves the purpose of helping people to build up the body of Christ. It is the physical representation of the body of Christ, as taught by Jesus. It assists Christians to gain more of Christ. Christians need to keep adding more of Christ in their lives for them to be more like Him (Runyon, 1998). They need to follow the procedure of building up the body of Christ in themselves by consuming its representation. In this sense, the sacrament supplements the scriptures that Christians learn from the bible. It adds to the nourishment that human beings need to be stronger in their mission of serving Christ. 

Consuming the sacrament is an expression of faith. It is the method through which Christians display their commitment to the work of God. Consistently consuming it shows the continuation of faith in Him. It shows that they are ready to continue in their mission of serving Christ in the numerous and various ways in which they are differently enabled. The sacrament of faith is an essential method through which Christians strengthen their relationship with God. It offers a channel through which they can remind themselves that they are servants of God.



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