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We need to be ready to build new stories out of the crumbling old ones manufactured through neoliberalism—new stories for early childhood education and care. The essay writer stories necessary to revise and rebuild childhood education and care, Moss concludes, are achievable through leadership, advocacy, and policy.

Before Moss describes how new narratives for early childhood education and care are achievable, Moss details, through the works of others, the eventual pitfall of present narratives surrounding childhood education and care. Come the fall of the present narratives in service to children and caretakers in the childhood education field, key leadership, advocacy persons, and new policies will need to be created. Such an environment should not bring fear, but the joy of creation and innovation.

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Moss calls upon historical moments when new ways of being came about through the shambles of systems past. In those situations, new processes and positions can be built to better serve those in early childhood education and care. Moss refers to this as “windows of opportunity” (Moss, nd).

With what possible windows of change lie ahead of us, what ideas spark in your mind pertaining to this course? How will you take your passion and hope to build new stories of early childhood education and care? What questions arise? What things do you want to change?


Moss. (n.d.).

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