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Describing the Theories

The Civilizing Process – this is based on the notion that the behaviors and level of self-control needed to abstain from murder is the result of a process wherein the power of the state to enforce the law, prevent civilians from bearing arms and monopolize the use of force creates a situation where they are less inclined to commit murder or other violent crimes.

This theory utilizes examples such as the decline of murders within many Western European countries due to the imposed limitations on gun ownership as well as the implementation of a justice system that seeks to educate rather than incarcerate. As a result, the “Civilizing Process” of Elias transforms a society from one that is oriented towards individuals seeking justice through their own actions, to one where the belief in the current system to do it for them takes precedent.

Losing Legitimacy – this theory is connected to the faith of the public in their government. Crimes rates increase in cases where there is a decline in public faith while they subsequently decrease when there is a belief in the government. This was noted in during the Vietnam war wherein public dissatisfaction over the government’ involvement in the Vietnam conflict resulted in a rising crime rate. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

This theory concludes that for murder rates to drop, there must be public trust in the officials they elected, in the capacity of the government to enforce laws and the presence of a level of solidarity among members of a community.

2. In a sense, yes it can be stated that the U.S. is a violent society based on its history. As seen in the video “Violence: An American Tradition,” concepts such as dehumanization, the influence of the connection between masculinity and violence on children and glamorization of violence as a way to gain fame has impacted the way in which the country perceives it. Its influence has become so endemic in American society that violence has even become a popular form of entertainment for the masses as seen in the sheer popularity of violent movies and shows like the UFC.

However, it should be noted that violence is not necessarily what people want to happen to them. While the media may glamorize it, few people want to commit acts of violence on their neighbors. This is why external influences, such as alcohol, are needed to lower a person’s inhibitions to make them more susceptible towards committing violent acts. People are not born inherently violent; it is often the case that the external influences they are exposed to impacts how they perceive particular actions and behaviors and the resulting emulation that occurs because of it.

3. The past affecting the present can be seen in the current gun violence plaguing American and how this is connected to the American Revolution. In “Violence: An American Tradition” it was noted that the proliferation of arms in the U.S. was connected to American Revolution wherein the citizens of the colonies used their own weapons to liberate themselves from British rule. It is due to this that the right to bear arms has become an intrinsic aspect of American law and its culture.

However, as seen in the Aurora Theater massacre, the Sandy Hook shooting, and the recent Texas sniper incident, guns are increasingly making their way into the hands of people of dubious mental capabilities. This is not a recent trend; rather, it has continued unabated since American citizens were allowed to bear firearms. Considering the fact that other first world countries that have implemented strict gun ownership laws do not have the same amount of shooting related deaths shows the impact of American Revolution on current government policies and how it is likely to result in even more deaths in the future if nothing is done to resolve this issue.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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