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How The Concept of Production in Finance Adds Value to The Medical Business Field?

The article describes vaccination as a tool used in protecting people from scavenging infections and diseases such as polio, tetanus and the most discussed Covid-19. The use of various vaccines has always been practiced and most diseases were tamed and death cases reduced especially among infants (Thompson, 2021). The current debate revolves around a worldwide program of Covid-19 vaccination. The push by international health bodies and governments has elicited discussions from the various human rights and civil societies that have raised several concerns ranging from threats, security, the effectiveness of the vaccines, and age requirements. Moreover, individuals have raised their opinions about the need to consent for the process among adults and children and not to make it mandatory as threatened by most states (Thompson, 2021). Also, the vaccines used have different reactions on recipients and it has caused uproar in most cases. The need to have a secure nation and world and the human rights debates have conflicted leading to a debate on the process and the types of vaccines used. 

Fallacious issues have emerged due to the debate with opponents of Covid-19 vaccination raising inciting alarms over the safety and functionality of the vaccinated. The claims about the intoxication of the chemicals used in vaccination have been the banking point for the anti-vaccination activist even though their arguments have been debunked by health professionals (Thompson, 2021). Moreover, some have raised debates on the necessity of artificial inoculation forgetting the impact such a process has brought in the past (Thompson, 2021). My analysis on the issue settles on the need to sensitize vaccination as a mechanism of ensuring a safe society and protecting one another. Medical practitioners across the globe have all it takes to conduct research and produce threat-free vaccines as has been in other epidemics such as chickenpox and there is no ground to doubt the discoveries, they make to avail vaccines for the current situation. 

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