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In an attempt to strengthen the ability to deliver primary health care services in Canada 24 hours per day and seven days per week, specific outcomes need to be met. These will be the deciding factor in ensure that access to public health, which is so often touted in Canada, will be carried out. In deciding what strategies to use to establish a universal health care system, four components of the LEADS Framework should be used. In this essay, I will detail those components in an effort to establish a health care model that accommodates everyone on a continual basis. The LEADS Framework is an important tool in deciding the look of the ideal system.

Before detailing the four components, it is important to establish to the reader what the LEADS Framework is. In representing the key abilities, skills and knowledge required for an ideal health care system, the LEADS Framework lays out the foundation for those three skills. It isn’t only in the health care system that these can be utilized; it is in most levels of any organization. The framework focuses on aligning the competency frameworks in a way that can accommodate the leadership strategies in the Canadian health sector and in various other organizations. The framework has utilized the beliefs of various literatures on the fundamentals of leadership and what is needed from leadership in order to have an effective health care system that can increase the capacity and access to health care in Canada. It should be noted that while the LEADS Framework offers top leadership advice, it isn’t the only model. There are also comparable models used in other areas of the world that are also effective. However, this framework is a valuable tool in a focused effort to create the type of system that ensures the health care needs of the general public are being met.\

Develop Coalition
In executing an efficient primary health care service, it is important to lead the staff. This can be done by developing coalition. In the development of coalition, it is important to build partnerships and networks within the organization, in an effort to find results. This method provides the opportunity to create connections, share a meaningful working environment and to build trust. This trust is built toward both the group and to the individuals as well. In developing coalition, it is important to show a commitment to the patients and the services that are provided. The patients are the ones who provide the framework on which the staff can collaborate, co-operate and to develop coalitions in diverse perspectives and groups that are targeted at learning to improve the services.

The mobility of knowledge is another important component because it uses various methods to gather information, which helps the staff understand the needs of the patients, and this could provide an indication of the volume, and any alterations to staffing that may be needed to accommodate many patients on a continual basis. The open exchange of information is vital in the team atmosphere so that everyone is on the same page. The information can be used to provide a clear picture of what action needs to be taken in the workplace. Also, through developing a precise framework by which to navigate the socio-political environments, it is important to note the importance of the ability of the staff to negotiate their way through conflicts, which can often arise between patients and the staff.

Lead Self
In finding a way to deliver the best possible service to the public, it is also important to know how to lead one’s self so that all the appropriate outcomes are being met in establishing  primary care on a continuous basis. Each person in the staff needs to be aware of themselves so that their conduct and how it relates to co-workers and patients are conducive to an environment where an efficient practice can be carried out. Most people come with much baggage, and that baggage should not interfere with the job. If it does, providing primary care on a continual basis could become a problem. In order to perform at a high capacity, people should be aware of the assumptions they have about others, their values, strengths, principles and limitations. This will help them to understand how they relate to others and how they relate to the tasks that are needed from them. Personal belief systemsshould not interfere with executing the job properly. Furthermore, when someone understands their limitations, they are better able to understand when it is necessary to draw on others on the team to execute the task. Without that integration and a shared goal, providing service in an efficient manner becomes exceedingly difficult. For the best service to be executed, each member of staff needs to be well aware of their limitations and strengths, as only an efficient system will provide for the ability to deliver the service on a continual basis, due to staffing shortages that are common throughout the industry.

But while delegating tasks to those on the team who could handle them better is important, it is also key to be able to manage one’s self. This includes taking responsibility for one’s performance at the work place. Furthermore, outside of the workplace, it is important that members of staff are taking care of their personal health. Staff members need to be functioning at a high level in order for them to contribute to the organization in a way that is useful.

Engage Others
As we have seen, it is important to engage one’s self when providing a framework for a staff that can facilitate a health centre that is able to cater to the mass public on a continual basis. But engaging others is another key in providing the best possible primary care. Fostering the development of those around needs to be done in order to provide and receive the support when trying to achieve goals. People often need encouragement to strive for more, or to continue their path on their mission to making their goals a reality.

When engaging others, it is also important to play a role in creating a healthy organization. “Healthy” should be taken to mean an organization that is fully committed to providing the best type of care possible and making it happen on a continual basis. This will help to ensure that the resources are used in order to carry out individual responsibilities.

Achieve Results
The aforementioned steps don’t mean much if the desired results of the organization aren’t achieved. Setting goals is a way to see whether the organization is on the path to meeting its outcomes. Milestones can be set and occasionally reviewed to determine whether the organization is on its way to providing continual primary care. If the milestones aren’t being achieved, then there should be changes made. What these changes are depends on what outcomes aren’t being met. For example, if patient care isn’t given on a 24-hour basis, then there could be the need to increase the productivity of each member of staff. Also, when goals and milestones are set, they encourage the staff to work hard toward achieving those goals. This inspires a vision by creating targets, and establishing a clear communication and expectations that mean something to the staff. This will help build on the goals and increase the chances of providing primary care on a continual basis.

Establishing milestones and goals should be in line with the organizations’ missions and values. In this case, the goal would be to provide the continual service. Milestones could include increasing the number of patients seen by doctors by 10 per cent per year until 100 per cent of patients are finding the care they need on a continual basis. Breaking the goal into sections will help insure that steps are being made and staff is seeing results.

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