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Unit VIII Journal

Unit VIII Journal

Research methods encompass so many different types of research and studies. The particular type of method that any researcher is highly dependent upon what topic and the subjects that are of interest. The most commonly employed research methods include: observational research, surveys, interviews, focus groups, experimental research, data analysis and a mixed methods research approach (Virginia Tech, 2018).

Interviews and surveys

            Two of the research methods that I found most applicable to my life and future as a human resources professional were interviews and surveys. Interviews are a critical research method in human resources because they gather factual information and increase understanding of people’s feelings and attitudes. Furthermore, HR professionals utilize survey research to discover and pinpoint methods of improving employee engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity.

            For example, as an HR manager or director for a medium-to-large sized company, I could use a multiple item survey to identify employee and management compliance with rules and regulations throughout the recruitment and selection procedures within the company. The survey would be used to gather confidential, honest responses. Depending on how the survey questions are worded, and how controversial the questions may be, survey research may be capable of gathering more honest responses compared to interview research. Continuing with the example of working as an HR manager or director, I could use one-on-one interview research to gain insight into employee’s feelings and attitudes towards management, identify possible areas of improvement within the company based on variables that employees may be unhappy about. Furthermore, the interview research method could provide more insightful and personalized information because survey questionnaires tend to be less personalized and may lack the ability to gain detailed insight into employee feelings and attitudes.


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