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Unit VII Journal

Unit VII Journal

When discussing corporate codes of ethics, Starbucks is always one of the first companies that comes to mind. They have had a highly publicized and well documented history of outstanding ethical standards and conduct (I-Sight, 2019). Starbuck’s code of ethics starts by summarizing the morals and values that the company wants to emphasize. This is followed by detailed descriptions of corporate and organizational conduct expectations regarding the work setting, business activities, intellectual property considerations and objectives for community and environmental involvement. Within the majority of these points in the code of ethics, Starbucks provides instructions and guidelines for where or who employees can contact for help or additional information (Starbucks, 2019).    

The Starbucks’ Code of Ethics  

            The Starbucks’ code of ethics also replies to numerous hypothetical questions that employees can use as a point of reference when they are uncertain with how to approach a certain situation. These brief question and answer sections are extremely helpful with assisting readers in understanding how they should behave in particular situations and why that response demonstrates the ethics created and strived for by the company. Additionally, the company provides an ethical decision-making structure to help employees when they must respond to an ethical dilemma in the workplace (Starbucks, 2019).

            I found the Starbucks’ code of ethics incredibly easy to understand and even interesting to read in some sections. That was my primary takeaway from reading the document and the first characteristic that I would attempt to replicate in another company’s code of ethics. Almost any ethical dilemma that an employee could face in the workplace is outlined in the document, with practical guidelines for how to respond to the situation. I particularly enjoyed the question and answer section, which described a hypothetical question regarding an ethical situation than an employee could face at the workplace. I thought this section was very unique, and another way that Starbucks’ makes their code of ethics easy to understand with the well-being of their employees at the forefront of their objectives.


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