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Topic 8: Essay Examples

Age Discrimination and suicide ideation in older adults

Topic 8: Essay Examples

Conducting Evidence-Based Practice research requires that a researcher be aware of the independent and dependent variables they will collect. Having an idea of these two variables will lay a foundation for guiding the researcher concerning the path that will lead to the best outcomes while conducting their research (Flannelly et al., 2014). This is to say, dependent and independent variables are crucial since they guide the research process. Lastly, understanding the dependent and independent variables is key in EBP research since they can be used to determine the cause and effects in research (Flannelly et al., 2014). From the outlined aspects, collecting these two types of variables in my project is key since they will help me evaluate the final outcomes.

In my EBP research, the independent variable that I will be analyzing is age discrimination and suicide ideation in health care institutions. This variable is important because it will determine the best course of action after gathering related data. According to the existing literature, age discrimination is a common public health concern affecting different groups, especially those seeking services in healthcare institutions. Additionally, suicide rates are also high among specific groups compared to others (Cabello et al., 2020). As a person grows old, they tend to have adverse health outcomes; as a result, giving them the necessary type of care may make them feel better. However, when they are ignored and not given the required care in healthcare institutions, they may develop ideas of committing suicide.

On the other hand, the dependent variable that I will collect is older adults in healthcare Institutions. Collecting this variable is important because it will help me determine how age influences one to be discriminated against, hence predisposing them to contemplate committing suicide.


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