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Time Machine Adaptations

The adaptation of the time machine novel is seen in films released in 1960 by George and 2002 by Alexander Hartdegen. Herbert George Wells wrote the book to describe how time traveling is possible while portraying humanity’s future. In the novel, Wells says that the time traveler disappears into the future after the Morlocks killed Weena. However, in the two film adaptations, Weena survives. The 1960 film depicts the time traveler returning home to collect three books to help rebuild civilization after saving Weena and other Elois. In a 2002 film, a genocide erupts on the Morlock race, with the inclusion of a leader with telepathic powers. Also, the time machine is turned into a weapon of mass destruction that destroys Uber-Morlock and its race. Therefore, the 2002 film editing was encouraged by the 9/11 tragedy. Wells developed pessimist futurism in his original story that needs to transcend in all the adaptations. 

In my adaptation, I would portray time based on modern iterations such as time loops. With spatial dimensions, we can get local variations to fit the imaginative world of the future. Also, I would make a scene where the time traveler will kill the Morlock and its race to save Weena to conquer his objective. The time machine will act as a nuclear weapon to eradicate all the Morlocks. Based a better technology, I would develop more scary monsters to make the audience feel part of the story. Besides, Weena will be a strong and independent woman who can even fight for herself without the help of the time traveler. In the end, I would show how time travel alters the natural movement of earth and other planets. It focuses on the environmental concerns and orbit of the moon. 

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