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Thesis-Topic Sentence Outline

Snake Bite

Thesis-Topic Sentence Outline

Thesis: In the film “Snake Bite,” the three main characters, exclude poor Dylan, can be seen as various degrees of imperfection, from least to most likable.

Topic Sentence for Body Paragraph 1: is most responsible for Dylan’s loss of limb and the horrible outcome of the film.

Example 1: Killing a snake.

Context: incitement

Key Quote or Key Moment in the Film: Arousing Dylan’s emotions.

Discussion: Killing the snake and uttering inciting words triggered feelings in Dylan, which led him to be attacked while mourning.

Example 2: Proposing chopping off the leg

Context: Dangerous proposal.

Key Quote or Key Moment in the Film: Bullying fiends to accept the idea of chopping off the limb.

Discussion: He instilled a belief in the other boys that chopping off the leg was the only way in which they could help him while in the forest.

Topic Sentence for Body Paragraph 2: Tyler was second most responsible for Dylan’s misfortune. 

Example 1: Providing wrong information regarding the snake that had caused harm

Context: Wrong observation

Key Quote or Key Moment in the Film: He misled the group regarding the color of the snake’s tail.

Discussion: All the conversations, dilemmas, and decisions that followed his confirmation were based on this statement.

Example 2: Chopping off the leg

Context: Wrong action

Key Quote or Key Moment in the Film: Gathering courage to cut off the leg

Discussion: Swinging the knife was the action that had the impact that will forever last in Dylan’s life.

Topic Sentence for Body Paragraph 3: The least responsible character is Cole. 

Example 1: Offering true information

Context: Mitigating the risks involved

Key Quote or Key Moment in the Film: Advising Dylan on how to handle the situation

Discussion: He wisely used the book to offer information that was relevant to the situation.

Example 2: Explaining natural possibilities.

Context: Choosing nature’s course.

Key Quote or Key Moment in the Film: Asking about the snake and reading about its possible species.

Discussion: Taking time to study the situation improved the group’s chances of saving Dylan’s life.

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