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The name on the picture Dolce and Gabbana is from an Italian famous fashion store. The simplest meaning of the image shows that it comes from Italy and that it is an image used for marketing the fashion and design entity. It should be understood that the men and women in the picture are advertisement agents that are tasked to promote the entity’s brands to potential buyers. As shown in the picture, the image was taken in a room which could be one of the stores owned by the firm or a studio meant for photography and video capturing for the entity’s advertisements. The lady lying is holding another fashion brand and on the leg is a pair of shoes similar to the others. They do not have full body attire to show the worth of the products that the company is promoting. The visibility of the brand is dependent on how they are displayed in the image. 

All those who are captured in the image have the same attire which is the representation of the firm’s brand of fashion. The entity deals in the black fashion meanly worn by ladies and it has both men and women conducting the promotion on their behalf. Moreover, the ladies in the picture focus more on the photographic work as a reflection of the advertisement intention to capture the attention of buyers. Also, the firm is aware of the ladies’ abilities to capture the attention of potential buyers and they have been made to feature attractively for the purpose. The man in the image on the other hand has a well-built and oiled body showing protruding muscles as an attraction point that would easily enable viewers to study the picture more and derive meaning.    

The above picture represents an Islamic culture of dressing. The term Arabia reflects a region characterized by religion and the statement reorienting perceptions refers to the intent of the image that is to pass information that changes the norms or an already existing knowledge among people about the culture associated with the religion. Moreover, the name Gigi Hadid denotes a term fondly found within the Arabian or Islamic regions. The cover over the head has an opening that allows one to see the eyes of the lady in the picture and the shape of the eyes is clearer. Her arms can be seen from all sides and the wrist has some ornament in the form of bangles. 

Reorienting perception is to change a notion within the communities about Islamic cultures and practices. The headcover is not dark as in most cases and it enables one to have a clear view of the hair and the lady’s face. The pictorial presentation aims at discarding the normal norm where people have believed incomplete coverage of the head and faces of the Muslim or Arabian ladies such that even their eyes only have smaller openings to allow them to see but not to be seen succinctly by the other persons. The lady has open arms that are not covered as is the usual practice. The image presents a different perception about the dressing style found among the Arabians. 

The above image is a representation of an Apple company advert that promotes innovation. The description of thinking differently encourages people to generate newer ideas to solve daily problems. The website of the company is attached to the photo to provide a link that can take one to the main source of the limited information given in the image. That proves that the image is used for the marketing of the company. Additionally, the use of an aging man who is more composed in the photo shows that the company has stayed in the industry and is a giant in the field of engagement.

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