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Black’s vertical dimension framework influences the administration of law. This paper is intended to explore the linkage between Black’s vertical dimension framework and a community’s socio-economic status (SES). The socioeconomic factors that influence society choices include education attainment, the size of families, employment rates and the diversity of the community.

According to Black, the application of the law in society varies from one community to another. In examining the factors that lead to this disparity, Black identified several tools. They include stratification, organization, morphology, social control and culture-symbolic instruments. In stratification, the vertical dimension frameworks assess the different styles of law application within varying social settings. Stratification refers to the uneven distribution of the conditions of existence. The conditions of existence include food, money, and availability of water. Narberth, PA is a town situated in the Pennsylvania State.

By 2010, the population in Narberth, PA was 18,659 residents. The majority of residents were from the White race. They account for 79% of the entire population. African Americans account for 15.9% of the total population. The remaining 2.4% of the population is occupied by members of the Hispanic community. Compared to men, women project a higher percentage. Essentially, they account for 53.9% of the entire population (United States Census Bureau, 2010). The percentage of men in the total population of Narberth, PA is 46.1%. Economically, Narberth, PA projects a middling progress. Studies reveal that 25% of the total Narberth, PA population is living below the poverty line. The Median income in the community averaged $33,188 annually (United States Census Bureau, 2010). Many of the residents fall into the low-middle class category. Therefore, Narberth, PA is a middle-class society. Class represents individuals who fall within a similar economic and social position (Scott & Leonhardt, 2005).[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The application of the law in the face of a breach depends on several factors. To begin with, the nature of the crime prevails on the justice bodies on the measures to be engaged (Black D., 2010). To mitigate occurrences of binge behavior in Philadelphia, Smedley Butler’s decision to close down the establishments constituted a penal response. His initiatives were more successful in low-economic segments. In Narberth, PA, Butler would have to engage a stern law. His initiatives would have been more successful. Black reinforced the significance of social class in the extension of the law. The law meets lesser resistance in societies that occupy lower economic classes (David, 2010). The vertical distance in SES within Narberth, PA allows for the application of more law. In Narberth, PA, all individuals occupy a relatively similar status. Thus the vertical distance between them is reduced. The initiators of the act in the saloons reflect a similar economic prowess to the victims. Likewise, the vertical direction in Narberth, PA is alternating. A criminal act ascends and descends simultaneously. Since the prevailing Narberth, PA economic class is the middle-income segment, and the saloons are initiated and suffered by members of both the classes. In Philadelphia, the disparity between the rich and the poor is reinforced. Thus, the vertical distance between the initiator and actor is longer. Likewise, in the relationship, the vertical movement is solely limited to descent. Thus, the perpetrators occupy the topmost segment.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

When Butler tried to enforce the prohibition in Philadelphia, he failed. This was because of the social pressures that surrounded his initiatives. The vertical distance in the application of the law was reinforced. In lower class segments such as the Tenderloin District Butler experienced great success. This is because, the application of the law is eased in areas with a longer vertical distance (David, 2010). Alternatively, he failed in regions such as Ritz-Carleton because of the social pressures that marred the entire process. In these regions, the vertical distance in the application of the law is curtailed.  [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Conclusively, in trying to reinforce prohibition, the former Commissioner of Public Safety in Philadelphia instituted several closures on drinking establishments. Smedley Butler had middling success in his initiatives. Essentially, whereas he was able to cripple several establishments, his successes were not successful in other establishments. In Narberth, PA, his initiatives would have seen greater success. Black’s model succinctly captures the disparity projected. In reinforcing the significance of socio-economic status in a legal application, Black accurately explores the differences in the application of the law. The disparity between Butler’s successes in Philadelphia and Narberth, PA is a consequence of the economic differences. I agree with the accuracy of the Black model’s predictions for my community. Other than SES, there are no other factors in play.

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