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This play is based on two characters that meet for the first time and extend courtesy towards each other. The setting is based on the Japanese culture with the two engaging in words that make them learn more about each other. This story shows the conversation between an immature soldier and an old mature woman.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Kindness is depicted in this play on how the two characters converse as they eat. The fact that woman provides the soldier with food despite not knowing him shows an act of kindness. Many people consider kindness to be a way through which people get to know each other, and that demonstrates the situation within the play. Even the soldier’s choice of words could be considered kind. For instance, by giving the woman several compliments, he appears to be a gentleman, and that shows why they managed to converse for a longer time. Kindness and choice of language are usually what determine whether people will have a successful conversation. In this case, the soldier knew all the right words to use since he got to know everything about the old woman while the woman ended up knowing very little about him. The fact that the soldier is offered a mat on which to sleep shows the extreme lengths to which the old woman shows kindness.

Many people are known to believe in superstitions, and that is vividly captured within this story. The thought that a woman is capable of turning a human being into a flower for the purposes of keeping in a vase shows a community that believes in the supernatural world. The idea that one can only sleep soundly under the sound of a waterfall shows people who let their lives be led by the supernatural world. This soldier also engages in an act that demonstrates his belief of the same. One would assume that when he steals the flower and places it in his clothes, then that could be linked to the rumors of the old woman. By stealing this flower and failing to make any inquiry makes him a soldier on a mission to determine whether the rumors on the woman are true. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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Deception is the act of stating or engaging in action that makes another person believe something that is true. Based on the story, the old woman is deceived on many occasions. The soldier fails to mention his real name while the woman provides many details on her personal life. Even as a reader, I would simply conclude that the soldier is on a mission, but then there is very little evidence to prove the same. When visiting a person, people usually need to state the reason for their visit. In this case, the soldier fails to do this but then his actions betray him, and he steals from the host. It would be simpler to conclude that the soldier was investigating whether the rumors about the woman were real. It makes very little sense that he would steal flowers when he could just pick the same flowers along his way. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

All the actions of the soldier show an immature man that abuses the kindness of an old woman. People should always show some courtesy and reciprocate the kindness of the hosts. It could be considered rude for one to spend the night in someone’s home and still deny revealing his or her real names. Based on visits, people should always feel the need to extend kindness back when they have been offered food. In this case, the character failed to practice this as he never revealed his true name. Superstition is common with many people. That shows why this short story could be related to different places. While comparing the manner in which the old woman and the soldier handle themselves, it would be true to state that she was acted in a mature way. Therefore, Kindness, Deception, and Superstition make the dominant themes within this short story. In addition, these three themes also show the soldier as a persistent and immature person.

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