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The argument of whether or not single-sex schools are better for education than mixed-gender schools has continued resulted in controversy among both the influential persons and scholars in the modern world. This has been as a result of the involved persons using what they think to justify their points on what they feel is important and ethical. The use of gender separation to manage schools has become widely popular, and that explains why there are many single-sex schools. Many arguments have been put forth to show the benefits of single-sex schools.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The single gender schools have been found to greatly enhance student attention in class work. This is mainly because single-sex schools provide the students with an environment with fewer distractions. Many students tend to be distracted whenever they are in an environment with the opposite gender (Gorsetman & Sztokman, 2013)The single-sex schools are therefore believed to be an ideal environment in which students of different gender can learn. For instance, the argument is based on the fact that when a school only has girls, then they will find it easier to concentrate and even build their learning potential. The same also applies in the case of boys is associated with improved learning performance.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

In addition, the single-school systems have played a critical role in breaking down the stereotypical belief that many school subjects performance are based on gender. There is a common belief that boys had better performance in some subjects while girls enjoy the same on some specific subjects (Peter, 2008). The existence of these schools has provided the students of either gender with an environment in which they can study all the different subjects. For instance, the boy schools and girl schools have the same subjects and that gives them an equal chance at improving their performance. In fact, the existence of the single-sex schools has also increased the competition across gender. Boy schools are now competing with the girl schools, and that influences the education sector positively (Sommers, 2013). It has been a common assumption that boys are better at sciences while girls are better at arts. Therefore, the introduction of these single-sex schools creates an atmosphere in which the students are forced to compete amongst themselves. For instance, the girls will be forced to compete against each other in the sciences. This is likely to make them realize that they can become equally better performers. When the girls compete amongst themselves in such schools, it boosts their confidence levels, and that is a good thing. When the schools are required to compete against each other, the issue of gender performance will be done away with, and the girls will have the confidence to take on the boys. This same concept could also apply when the boy schools compete with girl schools in art subjects.

Students are usually sexually active in their adolescent stage, and this has different effects on their concentration and education performance (Gorsetman & Sztokman, 2013). The single-sex schools provide students with an environment in which sex related destructions are minimized. Even many parents tend to prefer these schools as opposed to the mixed schools due to the favorable environment. While interaction with the opposite sex is important, these schools usually ensure sports or education related events are planned for different schools. It is often assumed that when students are provided with an ideal environment, they could perform better. This means that the setting of single-gender schools reduces gender-based distractions.

Therefore, the single-gender schools are becoming even more popular since they are designed to offer the students with an ideal environment. What makes this even better is they offer the school management an easier time since they can easily determine the ideal techniques to use based on the gender of the involved students. In addition, these schools have also played a vital role in making female students realize their potential and excel in academics. With the use of these schools, the sports sector has greatly benefited since both male and female students are taking part in different activities. In addition, the organization of events that let the male and female students interact also shows that these systems acknowledge the importance of interactions. Even the fact that many parents prefer to have their children use such a school system shows that it enjoys popularity among many people. Even though many people would argue that the single-sex school system is not good, it certainly has many benefits. The high number of such schools also shows that they are well performing and compliant with the education ministry. Therefore, people should understand that all systems in society have their critics, but then if they equally have benefits then they bring a better effect to society.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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