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The Problem of Redlining: College Essay Examples

The case study highlights the problem of redlining where the police’s delivery of services and the workforce discriminates against minorities. As more Spanish-speaking people entered the city, the problem became even more pronounced, especially among African Americans who were not equally represented. Calls for tolerance, dignity, and fairness were highlighted as significant concerns against minority groups with African Americans being the most widely affected. The essay writer needs to embrace diversity in the community has led to the development of diversity training programs for the officers. The development of a diverse training program for officers has been suggested as the best approach to address the problem. An analysis of the training program implementation and evaluation helps in assessing its effectiveness in addressing the problem.  


America is diverse as it embraces people from all over the world in search of the American dream. However, societies do not embrace a similar diverse mind-set and treat everyone equally, as indicated in the case study. In a community with 750 employees, including 150 police officers serving the public, the lack of awareness in dealing with diversity needs to be addressed. Discrimination against African Americans and other minority groups raises the issue of redlining that characterizes American society. African Americans and other minority groups are not given equal service provision in public offices. An assessment of equality in education and other forms of public institutions indicates the country’s overarching problems. However, Whites are not aware of the problem that indicates gaps present in society. Therefore, developing methods to address the problem is essential to ensure equity and fairness in the community.

Alternative Solutions

One of the main solutions that can be implemented is sensitization and awareness efforts to bridge gaps in the lack of information across society. African Americans are the most affected by the community’s problem, while the other groups are not aware of the impact. Creating awareness and sensitization is imperative in developing positive approaches that can help overcome society’s underlying issues. However, creating awareness and sensitization fails in addressing the root cause of the problem. Sensitization and awareness efforts are more passive than active compared to other efforts aimed at eradicating the problem. The cost of sensitization campaigns is also very high, given the duration of time that the efforts will continue to ensure that all groups understand the challenges facing society.

Reinforcement and punishment can also be used to modify behavior among the officers. Cases reported are thoroughly investigated, and if found appropriate guilty, punishment is administered. Punishment is meant to act as a deterrent and improve the approaches modeled by officials in government. Reinforcement is also used to modify behavior where individuals appreciate their efforts and apply diverse approaches to the workplace. Reinforcement and punishment are modeled on the cost versus benefit concept of assessing behaviors. However, the alternative may fail to be effective since the police officers would be investigating their cases. The method would also lead to low morale among employees hence failing to deliver the slated results.

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Proposed Solution

Developing a diversity training program to educate the officers is the best solution to the problem. The first step is to identify the stakeholders that will be involved in the project. Police officers and other officials in the human resource department will be involved since the problem is not limited to the police force. Defining the objectives of the program will also be critical in the implementation process. Engaging with the African Americans and other minority groups will help formulate objectives and goals aimed at alleviating the problem. The training will be implemented through workshops and seminars where all the workforce members can be trained on the concepts and critical elements of diversity. An inclusive approach needs to be developed to ensure that the project achieves the department’s initial goals. The evaluation will be conducted six months after the implementation of the program. Critical features will be informed of the characteristic measures implemented across the community. The evaluation will assess the achievement of the set goals and the number of reports and issues raised by minorities in the community. A similar evaluative strategy will be used after 12 months to assess the training’s trajectory and direction.


Diversity training needs to be included in the initial training and recruitment process. Rather than solely focusing on the workforce, training programs need to be included in the recruitment process for any city position.

Training and working with all the departments across the city will reduce resistance from experienced workers in the city. An inclusive approach that does not solely target the police officers will see more people align with the new program and improve the diversity models adopted in the city.


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