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Communication is the fundamental component that ensures proper and harmonized co-existence within a certain setting. Inhabitants within a certain environment peacefully co-exist in an amicable manner because of good communication either verbally or through gesture. The choice of communication usually depends on with the involved parties. The choice of words has been known to make a difference based on how people’s interaction and their choice of actions.

For instance, the blind man used a choice of words that the public is obviously used to, and that explains why he only managed to collect a few coins. When the woman in sunglasses rewrote the board to state “It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t see it,” there was a different response from the people passing along the road. The blind man noticed that more people filled his tin with coins. This means that the choice of words that people choose may influence their situation either positively or negatively. It is evident that in the beginning, the blind man’s words were less appealing and could merely attract people’s attention. Obviously, fewer people were willing to contribute because they needed some convincing. However, the blind man’s choice of words was unable to convince people that he needed the coins. People have seen so many blind people with common signs, and that has made them question whether they are handicapped or con persons.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The new message was written by the woman stating that the man could not see how beautiful the day was obviously made people realize how lucky they are to have perfect eyesight. Many people have been known to take things for granted, and such a message is likely to make them generous. The new choice of words appealed to people’s emotions, and that encouraged them to contribute towards the welfare of the blind person. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Even the fact that the woman later came back and had a short conversation with the blind man shows that she understood the power of words. At first, she gives the puts some coins in the man’s tin, she reconsiders and understands that she could do more to help the man. From this experience, the old man has obviously learned that the choice of words used on the board can obviously determine the amount of money he collects from people. Similarly, the corporate world is filled with people looking for employment opportunities in different firms. While the job application processes are identical, the choice of words that people use often makes the difference. Those who use the best words are usually considered more qualified and readily find the jobs.

However, while considering the power of words, people should also consider creativity. In the case of this blind man, just because the message gave him a successful experience on that day does not mean that he will enjoy the same the next day. He will have to learn from the choice of words used by the woman and find ways of improving in the future. There is a high probability that the people who contributed to him on that day will always use the street regularly, and that would make the message lose meaning with time. However, be changing the message constantly, he could still manage to convince people that they make an impact on his life. From a personal perspective, he could include a message saying, “I have managed to know what a good feels like when people share their attention.” With such a message, even the people who had initially contributed could feel they make an impact on his life and contribute again.

Therefore, people should always know that communication is key to meeting any objective. This video provided the best example to show how people can have a successful experience even without saying a word.

Gardner, A. (Director). (2010). The Power of Words [Motion Picture]. Retrieved September 17, 2016

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