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The Impact of Relying on Fossil Fuels to Generate Electricity

The Impact of Relying on Fossil Fuels to Generate Electricity

Problem: The impact of relying on fossil fuels to generate electricity
Topic: Taking advantage of solar photovoltaic systems to heat and power your home


            The global trend right now is to lean towards the greener side of things. When it comes to generating electricity, fossil fuel remains to be the main source. The global reliance on fossil fuel, an exhaustible source of energy, has raised concerns over its environmental impact. Therefore, the essay writer researcher put forward a more sustainable alternative that harnesses the sun’s solar energy: Solar  Photovoltaic Systems.


Completion The research to describe the fossil fuel problem and to defend PV system as an alternative solution is completed.
Further investigation To take things further, research-wise, the researcher could look more into the impact of the cooling effect produced by sulphate aerosols during fossil fuel combustion.
Further improvements The research is more or less complete, subject only to minor revisions to improve structure, remove unnecessary facts and correct the format.
Obstacles The researcher finds it hard to feature a clear hierarchy of topics and subtopics for the body.


  1. Introduction

            A. Overview of the problem

            B. Overview of the solution

            C. Overview of what the next sections will include

II. Body

            A. Problem

                        1. Background

                        2. Answer: Why is this a problem?

            B. Solution

                        1. Background

                        2. Answer and defend: Why is this the best course of action?

III. Conclusion

            A. Overview of body

            B. Answer: Why is this relevant? What do you suggest further?

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The paper already has its skeleton but needs further polishing by adding subheadings to the body, correct the format to the format required, and edit content to remove the unnecessary facts. To handle the obstacle of subheadings in the body, the researcher could read other related papers to his topic to get an idea as to how the researcher could handle the partitions. To successfully complete the report, the researcher could ask the professor for opinion on parts to improve on the current paper.

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