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The Fate of Marxism

Literature Review

Marxism is likely to arise as a major ideology in the West again. Several signs point to the possibility of its rejuvenation, both in the present and in the future. One of the main signs of this nearly inevitable fate is social inequality in the region (Anderson, 2016). Some people are born into better conditions than others. For this reason, they have a head start that thrusts them into both vast opportunities and the availability of capital to utilize to make more money. On the contrary, others have to endure poor conditions, such as inadequacy of opportunities, power, and lack of funds to actualize dreams and achieve goals.  The problems that arise from the widening gap are continuously provoking the insurgence of the lower class. People in the lower class are increasingly seeking fairer economic conditions, hence the movement to overturn capitalism.

From another perspective, politicians are increasingly popularizing Marxism. There is a notable amount of radicalization of the electorate in the West. For example, class struggle is a common term in current Canadian politics (Kassam, 2019). Politicians are seeking ways of rallying support from the people who seek to criticize the privileged. They are taking the opportunity to enlighten people on the existence of class difference amongst Canadians, despite its blurredness. This campaign strategy is benefiting both the politicians and people in the middle and lower classes who are in pursuit of better lives for their posterities. Highlighting the advantages of an equal society is guiding voters towards electing the people they presume to relate to the underprivileged’s concerns. In this spirit, the citizenry is likely to continue pressing against the seemingly evil capitalism. Also, if true to duty, the politicians are likely to continue pressing for a more equitable system. For these and other reasons, Marxism is likely to reemerge as a major theory in the West. 



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