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Gov. Jerry Brown lines up unusual allies on his tax hike initiative”
Corporations are supporting an $8-billion-a-year tax hike proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown. He is looking to tax people with unpopular temporary sales and income taxes, rather than on companies that partake in oil extraction, alcohol and soft drinks – which is a choice widely considered to be more popular among the public. The proposed income tax hike would target those who are making $250,000 or more per year; a quarter-cent increase to sales tax is also in the mix of Proposition 30. Approximately $7 million was spent by Democratic lawmakers and labor unions to qualify the campaign for the ballot, and about 40 per cent was contributed by Democratic interests – about $6 million was contributed by a coalition of Indian tribes and entrepreneurs. Some companies who would be negatively affected by the alternative to Proposition 30, which would be taxing sweetened drinks, are contributing to Brown’s efforts. An anti-tax campaign called “No on 30” has only managed to raise $480,000.

I chose this article because I am interested in the campaign that looks to raise income taxes and sales taxes. I also have an interest in how money is raised for campaigns, whether those are campaigns for office or campaigns to promote policy change. I have learned a little bit already about the strategies and steps a governor needs to take to put a proposed policy into practice and this article provides some insight. The story is somewhat disturbing in that it clearly shows that government can easily be controlled by corporations. I say this because the proposal to hike income tax and sales tax is given support by corporations that would otherwise be the target of taxation themselves. This is somewhat of an indirect bribe on the part of the government: fund our campaign or it is you who will be taxed.

 “ENCINITAS: Groups form to support, fight San Dieguito bond
Groups have formed to support or oppose a bond measure proposition that the San Dieguito Union High School District trustees intend to place on the November ballot. The $449 million borrowing plan would be earmarked to pay for campus renovations, technology upgrades and a new middle school. According to those who support the move, the money is essential for improving morale, safety and education in the district, though opponents say the amount is too much at such a challenging time in the economy. The supporters say the schools have lead, asbestos and plumbing issues. The San Diego County Taxpayers Association supports the idea, but others say that is because the association benefits from the money received by taxing construction companies. The district hasn’t issued this type of bond for 40 years.

I chose this article because I find interesting the ability of the school district to decide on property tax increases. I’ve learned a bit about the way in which the school system works, and I believe it makes sense to allow the elected school trustees to make decisions that could affect the tax rate. After learning more about the role school trustees can play in taxes, I am more inclined to vote during the next school trustee election. The tax that would be added to each property owner isn’t too high, as there would only be a requirement of $25 for every $100,000 in assessed value of the home per year. Renovations and school additions are a requirement, and the district hasn’t proposed a construction bond in 40 years. While the timing of the tax increase would be bad for some people, the economy has recovered to a manageable state, and people aren’t quite as desperate.

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