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Teachers are involved in educating pupils and students during their time of study at school. They are mandated to provide relevant information on the topics or fields to be learned by their students and examining the ability of these students in terms of performance in examinations.  The encounter between teachers and students, whether in classrooms or any other school activity, is what makes a teacher to be either strict or a little bit lenient towards the students. Teachers who insist on high standards and require discipline among students in most cases are seen to be strict by the students. Thus, it is paramount to explore the various ways in which teachers are strict and what brings about this strictness (Raby, 2012).

Students’ performance in most institutions is paramount. However, this cannot be achieved when students are not well behaved. Most teachers, thus, find it their responsibility to ensure that their students are well behaved.  [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]    Having known their students’ ability on what they can achieve, most teachers tend to insist on this. Thus, teachers will not tolerate unruly or behaviors not morally acceptable. For better performance, teachers ought to set targets, sometimes involving their students, of which when not met, would result to punishment or further guidance (Williams et al., 2011).

All learning institutions have set rules and regulations that govern students’ operations in the institution. For these set rules and regulation to be effective, teachers’ involvement is required. They are required to execute these rules. Students found breaking the set rules are bound to receive punishment depending on the mistakes done. For this to be effective, teachers ought to be strict so as to discourage future occurrence of the same (Harmim & Toth, 2006).[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Teachers have an employer; who could be the government, private organizations or even the learning institutions themselves. Most employers have expectations and rules set for their employees. In this case, most teachers find themselves sticking to them fully. This could also be attributed to the expectations of the society; who view teachers as respectable people who are straight forward. Students then find themselves on the receiving end when they break rules or go contrary to the teachers’ expectations.

Teachers have a very import role in a student’s wellbeing as a member of the society. It is in schools that students learn about the expectations of the society, how to interact with other members of the society and the need for hard work in life. Thus, it becomes a necessity for teachers to ensure the above aforementioned are achieved. Consequently, teachers end up being strict not in a bad way but in a beneficial way to their students.  [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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