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The Change Process for Guadalupe School

The Change Process for Guadalupe School

As an intern, I worked at Guadalupe school for six months. During my stay at the school, I identified that the essay writer institution has the potential to apply the macro-level intervention to its problems. Understandably, the school was experiencing a growing number of students. Most of these children come from economically-disadvantaged communities such as immigrants, refugees, and low-income families, among others. These students experienced problems, which have threatened to keep them out of school. In particular, the problems include misbehaviors, low academic performance, and emotional disorders and conditions. Therefore, the priority will be to solve these students’ problems and improve their academic as well as social and mental health outcomes.  

The need for Guadalupe school will be to develop an effective macro-level intervention that will promote the enhanced teacher-student relationship. Additionally, the school will need to improve the academic performance or outcomes for its students. It will also need to enhance the mental health and psychological wellbeing of most of its students. These students undergo difficulties in school and at home due to their economically-disadvantaged backgrounds and emotional distress problems. Notably, most students have anxiety disorders, which affect how they behave, perceive, and understand things. Illustratively, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is identified as the primary mental health challenge affecting Guadalupe school children. Since most students are either refugees or immigrants, community violence due to the mainstream population’s failure to accept and integrate them has made them develop PTSD.

            The macro change process comprises of four vital elements that drive the requisite intervention. The first element is the proposed changes to initiate improved students’ performance outcomes. The second element is the action plan that includes a list of activities aimed at actualizing the desired change. The third element is the change agent or people, within and outside Guadalupe, needed to initiate the change process. The last element is the action system, which includes a succession of events for improving students’ mental health and academic performance. The macro-level variables for the change process in Guadalupe school will include funding and resources, external and internal political climate, and constraining laws and regulations.

            It is important to understand that Guadalupe is a not-for-profit institution. Therefore, Guadalupe funding and resources are provided through grants and contributions from well-wishers. The funding is used to cater for free foods, mental health services, and teaching services. The internal political environment that affects the required change process for Guadalupe is the willingness of the institution’s management to accept proposals for change. The flexibility of Guadalupe management is a recipe for the achievement of improved student outcomes. The external political environment affecting the change process is political stability and goodwill from other countries.

At the heart of the macro-change variables for Guadalupe school is the constraining laws or regulations. For instance, stringent employment laws have hindered the school’s efforts to hire or recruit teachers, mental health specialists, and counselors. Noteworthy, the government establishes minimum wage and a specific work environment for employees. Since Guadalupe is a non-profit organization, it lacks enough resources to meet all the requirements of the law. Therefore, it fails to employ adequate workers to take care of students’ academic, mental health, and psychological needs. Another constraining law is the requirement for internal and external expansion. The school faces many bureaucratic procedures from the government as far as the acquisition of license is concerned. Therefore, Guadalupe school has failed to expand to accommodate the growing number of students.

As an intern, I have personality reality strengths and weaknesses that can affect change efforts. I am an adaptive person who is quick to accept and implement changes.  I am also creative and innovative in all my activities. Therefore, I can drive the change process effectively to realize the expected outcomes or benefits. I am also open and accommodative as a person. Thus, this trait enables me to interact and share ideas with diverse people for effective change efforts. For personality reality weaknesses, I am impatient in my endeavors. I believe this weakness will make me lose hope quickly when the proposed changes take too long to achieve results. I also strive to achieve perfection, a personality reality weakness that will make me be at loggerheads with Guadalupe employees who are lazy or slow to realize the change process.

I have primary goals that will help Guadalupe students. As mentioned earlier, my first goal is to help students to improve their relationships with teachers and other staff members. I observed that students are arrogant and disrespectful to their teachers. This behavior makes them be chased away from school, which impacts their grades negatively. Another primary goal is to help students to improve their academic performance. I will achieve this fete by suggesting to the school management to employ more teachers and undertake frequent capacity building initiatives. Lastly, I strive to improve learners’ mental health by advocating for the recruitment of more mental health professionals.

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The change process for Guadalupe has relevant people of influence. The Guadalupe school administration is the first category of people with influence. They are mandated to implement proposed changes to ensure that students have better health and academic outcomes. The other category of people is the government and law enforcers, who ensure that the laws and regulations are followed. The students are also people of influence who are direct recipients of the changes. The last people of influence are the employees, such as teachers, mental health professionals, and counselors. They are tasked with implementing the proposed changes.

The change processes arde associated with potential benefits and costs. The potential benefits include a reduction in students’ misbehavior, increased academic engagement, and mental health and social wellness. The cost involved in the change process includes salaries for additional teachers and mental health specialists. The school will also incur advertisement costs to reach investors and other stakeholders.

I will have personal and professional risks in my bid to achieve the change process. For instance, I am likely to have strained interpersonal relationships at work, which will affect productivity in Guadalupe school. If this change process fails, my career path might be affected. I might lose hope or face the wrath of sacking for complacency and under-productivity.

Overall, the change process is likely to succeed. The proposed changes have the potential of solving most of the identified problems facing Guadalupe school children. For instance, the employment of additional teachers will make learning available to every student. Counselors will also improve the interpersonal relationships between students and Guadalupe staff. Students with PTSD will also receive better mental health outcomes as the hired mental health professionals will give them the required therapy and medication. I believe that the employment of more mental health professionals is the most appropriate strategy to help Guadalupe students, who come from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds.

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