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Texas State currently has an extensive Summer Games repertoire consisting of a multitude of summer Olympic sports, in addition to more unique ones such as Disc Golf, Skateboarding and Pickleball (Summer Games 2016, 2016). Of the sports it includes, only two could be categorized within the martial arts category- Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and of these two, only Boxing is an Olympic sport (Summer Games 2016, 2016). To make the Texas Summer Games a more complete Olympic-style experience, it is recommended that the sport of Judo be added to its roster. Judo was first added to the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964, and has since become a worldwide phenomenon, spiking individuals from all countries and countries to envelop themselves in the sport. Judo, known as “the gentle way”, achieves victory over an opponent by adapting and taking advantage of and their movements and strength to throw them on the ground and take control (International Judo Federation, 2016). Judo is regulated by the International Judo Federation, which consists of an executive committee that works to determine rules, scoring, anti-doping laws, and belt qualifications for the all registered judo federations across the globe (International Judo Federation, 2016). The Texas State Summer Games encompass many of the common Summer Olympic sports, but to model it as a true Olympic-experience, it is necessary to work with local, state, federal and global organizations to add Judo as a supported sport.

In making the decision to add Judo as a Summer State Sport for the Texas Summer Games, it is necessary that the games organizers speak with the Texas Judo Organization, the United States Judo Association, and the International Judo Federation (Texas Judo, 2016). In speaking to these different organizations, the games organizers can ensure that they are able to hire experienced and qualified referees, score counters, and sport organizers, in addition to clearly laying out the rules and regulations of the event. For instance, there are strict anti-doping laws in place within the International Judo Federation, and these expand outwards to all IJF sanctioned competitions and events. Further, there are specific rules involving weight classes, match-ups, and scoring that must be consistently abided upon within all IJF sanctioned venues (Texas Judo, 2010). This ensures that any athletes that begin to enter into higher levels of competition do so with consistent statistics from lower levels of tournaments. Additionally, before a sport can be added to the Texas Summer Games, the organizers must look over and contact local organizations and clubs within the state, to ensure that they would be interested in being included within the event. Once the numbers are confirmed and the rules are in place, the organizing of the schedule, volunteers, referees, and expert coaches can be created, and the event can be moved forward. The addition of Judo to the Texas Summer Games is a large decision that involves consulting with local and state clubs, federal associations, and international organizations in order to confirm the attendance, rules, scoring, and the procurement of expert referees and volunteers. Through this, Judo can be added as a sanctioned international event to the Summer Games, and the athletes participating can gain merit and credit for their achievements within the games. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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Robert’s Rules of Order provides common guidelines and procedures for hosting orderly meetings and conventions among large groups of people (Kennedy, 1997). When the General Assembly meets and decides upon adding a sport to the State Summer Games, they must come upon a consensus as a group. In order to facilitate these meetings, the Rules of Order are employed such that all members get a say, and the meeting proceeds without undue disruption (Kennedy, 1997). When the meeting commences, it will follow an agenda according to Robert’s Rules of Order. The meeting would begin with a reading and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes, updated reports on any officer’s, boards, and standing or special committees, a conclusion of any unfinished business from the previous meeting, and then the call for new business, followed by the adjournment of the meeting (Robert’s Rules of Order, 2010). In adding a new sport to the Texas Summer Games, the topic would be brought upon in the “New Business” section of the agenda, where the idea for the sport and research completed would be presented as a motion, followed by a discussion between all involved members, and a vote upon whether or not to add the sport (Robert’s Rules of Order, 2010). Once the decision has been made, the executives will make a motion to adjourn, and the result will be recorded into the meeting minutes (Robert’s Rules of Order, 2010).[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Due to the popular nature of the Texas Summer Games, the addition of a new Summer Olympic Sport to the roster will make for an exciting add-on to the schedule. It is projected that adding in Judo will add to the Texas Summer Games by bringing in new athletes and organizations, creating new fans and practitioners of the sport, and fostering the skills of existing Judo athletes within the state. By presenting the new addition to the General Assembly in charge of the Summer Games in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, we can ensure that all members of the assembly will be educated on the topic, and will be encouraged to air any grievances they might possess. In doing this, we can ensure that Judo will be defended as a quality sport, and will be added to the next State Summer Games. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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