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The American Association for Respiratory Care is one of the largest non-profit organization supporting respiratory care located in the United States. AARC have also engaged in social welfare activities such as lobbying for beneficial legislation both locally and nationally. The AARC website is aimed at promoting respiratory care as a profession to attract membership and interest from students across the nation. AARC is aimed at advocating for respiratory care patients, families, the public, and their profession. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

There is a lot of information that consumers can get through the American Association for Respiratory Care website. The information provided are direct and extensive which is informative to the patient or other clients visiting the site. However, this can be too much for some users because most people’s attention span are usually equivalent to a toddler, therefore, supplementing too much information can cause boredom to web users. The website also contains too much advertisement from medical to political reviews, which can be quite irrelevant to web users. The content provided are framed creatively, which attracts user’s attention. The majority of the information is highlighted in bullet points, which provides the opportunity to skim through content and increase readership. The medical terms used in the websites are also user-friendly, which can appeal to everyone. However, the use of abbreviations such as “COPD” and “RC” are extensive which can be considered as use of highbrow language. The career center section is an important section, which keeps medical employment seekers informed of new positions available around the country. The marketplace section is a useful section as consumers can find vital medical products or companies that can support their needs. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Therefore, the website is well designed and has content that would be relevant for different people. As long as people find the right aspects within the sites, they should be able to find any information needed. Concerning the use of abbreviations, it would be better is the website relies on the use of full words for all persons to understand. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >


American Association for Respiratory Care Website. (2016). AARC Congress. Retrieved August 15, 2016, from American Association for Respiratory Care Website:

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