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From the assessment of the case, it is clear that Bruce is undergoing a difficult time that could require the intervention of a professional counselor. Being depressed can at times lead to a feeling of helplessness that could gradually lead to poor health. It can also lead to other more advanced mental complications. Bruce seems to be headed in that direction since it is clear that the loss of her grandmother who was the only individual within the family who agreed about his ideas is something that he could find difficult to come in terms with. If there was a time in the lives of his family needs to support him, then it should be now. Failure to show such support could slowly lead to a helpless feeling that could affect his career and health in the future. As earlier mentioned, children are at a higher risk to develop depression if there has been a history of depression on the parent in the past.

Bruce’s mother seems to have suffered from the same in the past and this increases the likelihood of depression on Bruce’s side. This is a risk factor that must be considered by the family in conjunction with the counselor before developing an appropriate routine that can lead to curing of the ailment or condition on Bruce and the entire family tree. As a counselor it is important to ensure the amount of sleep that Bruce gets is enough. Lack of enough sleep can be instrumental in leading to the aggravation of the stress that he already suffers from at the moment. Having enough sleep could allow Bruce to be more relaxed and in the process decrease the depression levels considerably.  Avoiding naps and ensuring constant sleep could also be a pivotal step towards increasing the quality of sleep and relaxation that he gets. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Another recommendation that could come in handy is the development of routine and daily goals for Bruce. Depression tends to deprive an individual of his/her daily the routine structure that he/she observes in his/her various activities that one undertakes. The same could also be seen in Bruce if he fails to observe a routine of the daily duties and responsibilities. This will greatly affect his performance; be it career-wise, personal or academic. Sitting down with Bruce and developing such a routine may take time and may involve having a conversation with him on the daily goals he wants to achieve on a daily basis. He should also enter into a program for exercising so as to increase his fitness. When an individual is going through depression, exercising may lead to the creation of feel-good hormones, thus elevating the well-being of the patient. These hormones are known as endorphins and offer long-term benefits that can boost the health well-being of the individual[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

It also encourages the brain to rewire itself so that one can return to the positive ways that lead to the end of depression. Dieting and nutrition could also be an important aspect that Bruce may turn to so as to develop a healthy lifestyle. This would provide the required nourishment and energy to the affected neurons and starving body cells in general. Overall, this will work towards decreasing the stress and starvation levels that might lead to more complicated mental illness like psychosis and anxiety-related disorders.   If the depression tends to make Bruce to overeat in terms of the diet he practices, it may be important to check on what he eats so as to boost the future health of the individual in question. The last recommendation that I could offer Bruce is to challenge the negative thoughts that he has towards life after the passing on of his grandmother. So as to tackle depression, it is always important when an individual changes the way they think about other people and their perspective towards life. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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